Welcome to the Library

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    The school library is a resource for the entire school community and offers books in print, E-books, as well as helpful online resources. We love helping people locate "just the right book" for pleasure or class work assignments.

    Students are encouraged to visit the library for one-on-one assistance, a quiet place to study or work on class assignments, read, play board games, color...there's LOTS to do in the library!

     When can students visit the library?

    Students are scheduled to visit the library with their Reading class (weekly for 6th graders, every other week for 7th & 8th graders). 

    The library is also open during breakfast/arrival time before homeroom and during lunch/recess (eat first). Note: space is limited especially if there is a class visiting the library during your lunch/recess time.

    How many books can I check out at a time?

    Students may check out up to 2 books.

    Where do I return books?

    Books may be returned at the circulation desk inside the library or on the cart in the hall beside the library door.

    Does the library have fines? 

    There are no overdue fines, however, if a book is lost/not returned or is damaged beyond repair, the student will be fined the amount that it cost to replace the book.

    Note: The District policy states that student library fines must be paid before checking out additional library materials. Students may continue to check out one book if one book has been lost while awaiting payment. Once the fine has been paid, students may continue checking out two books.