• Lugoff Elementary has established a school wide discipline plan that we are using this year. All teachers will be using this school wide plan. There are three school rules:

    A - Act Safely

    B - Be Responsible

    C - Care for Self, Others, and the Environment


    The following are not allowed at LES:

    • No gum chewing at any time.
    • No cell phones are permitted.  If you have a specific concern, please contact administration.
    • No video games, iPads, Nooks, Kindles, etc.  If these items are found, they will be secured in the office until a parent comes to claim.
    • No toys of any kind.
    • No roller shoes, no cleats, no flip-flops.   Parents will be called to bring appropriate footwear.


    All teachers will use Class DOJO as part of their behavior management system to help students monitor their behavior. Class DOJO is a computer based program that allows teachers to reward students for appropriate behavior. It also allows teachers to communicate behaviors that are inappropriate and need to be addressed. Parents can receive up to the minute information on their child’s behavior throughout the day and can communicate to teachers about the behaviors. Class DOJO individualized opportunities for students to achieve their very best. Students receive points for positive and negative behavior.  Each students will have a goal of 90% daily, weekly and quarterly to show they are following the schoolwide ABC’s. As part of our PBIS policy, students will be allowed to participate in a celebration to reward their progress of good behavior. Students will be rewarded each nine weeks based off of the following percentages:


          *95-100% PBIS Celebration plus a special treat

          *90-94%   PBIS Celebration

          *60-89%   Extra Recess

          *50-59%    Extra Computer time


    Every four weeks, student with exceptional behavior of 95% or higher will receive an additional reward to continue to encourage their behavior.


    Students with Level 1-3 office referrals will be given a point loss based on the level of offense. Referral point loss will impact the nine week percentages and could hinder a child from attending a PBIS celebration.

    Negative points will be used on a daily basis to enforce consequences. Below is a list of point loss and consequences that will be used this year.  


    -2 points - The student needs to refocus on the expected behaviors following reminders. Student will walk one lap at recess.

    -3 points - The student needs to relearn the expected behaviors and make a significant change in his/her behavior. Student will walk 2 laps at recess.

    - 4 points - The students needs additional support after desired behaviors have been retaught. A parent contact will be made via phone, text, email, agenda or note home.

    - 5 points -  (A Parent Communication Form is sent home by the teacher when a child has lost 5 points in a day.)– The student needs additional support after desired behaviors have been retaught.

    -6 points - (Office Discipline Referral) – The student has not responded to Tier 1 behavior interventions and may receive an office discipline referral.


    Any student with a Level II or Level III offense will be sent to the office immediately as stated in the Kershaw County School District Discipline Code.


    Students with a processed Office Discipline Referral will be given a written copy of their referral which contains appropriate consequences for their infractions.  Possible consequences may include loss of activity/event, lunch detention, recess detention, after school detention, suspension, or parent visit to the classroom. The referral form will be sent home with the student; this should be signed by the parent and returned.


    As we establish our school wide policy, we depend on your support in reinforcing this at home.  Please discuss this with your child, read the parent letter about DOJO and return the bottom of this letter to your child’s teacher.