• School Schedule  


                  7:10        Early Drop Off/Breakfast Begins

                7:30        Students to Class

                7:40        Day Begins/Breakfast Ends              

                7:50        Tardy Bell

                7:50        “Lugoff Live” Begins

                2:30        Pack Up, Announcements

                2:40        Dismissal begins


    Tardy Policy


    Lugoff Elementary’s school day begins at 7:40 AM.  Children should be in their classrooms and ready to begin work before the tardy bell at 7:50 AM.  When children arrive after 7:50 AM, they must be accompanied by an adult to the office and take a tardy pass to the teacher.


    When students are tardy, they interrupt class and may miss important explanations of work to be completed.  Remember, just being five minutes late for 5 school days is equal to 25 minutes of missed instruction.  This adds up quickly!


    Each time your child is tardy, you will be asked to sign him/her in either using your child’s personalized form.   We ask that you remain mindful of missed instructional time.


    Punctuality is a quality of good citizenship.  Help your child arrive on time.  If your child is late due to an emergency, please write a note of explanation.


    We encourage you to be here at 7:30!  “Lugoff Live,” our morning news show, begins at 7:50!