• Our priorities for the 2018-19 school year will be:

    Reading: MAP continues to inform us of the continued need to concentrate on reading instruction in a more focused and differentiated manner.  As we continue to look at best practices at what is mandated to us by the Read to Succeed Act, we will continue to fully implement Readers’ Workshop  in all classrooms.  


    Math:  MAP also informs us that Math skills have suffered a bit due to our concentration on Reading.  In looking at LES’s Spring scores, Number Sense and Operations and Algebraic Thinking and Operations were the weakest areas for all grade levels except fourth.  To assist with targeting Math instruction and differentiating instruction in a more effective manner, we will kick off the year with school-wide PD on Guided Math.  This was also an area identified by you guys last year as an area needing additional training.  


    Academic Excellence:  As always, the focus has been and will always be on academic excellence not just for all students.  We will continue to provide quality, differentiated instruction that addresses the needs of all learners through the implementation of additional RTI strategies, by utilizing common and benchmark assessments, and looking deeply into what the data tells us as we meet in Professional Learning Communities.  


    Safety: We will adhere to safety precautions in all areas during and after the school day by continuing to lock classroom doors, wear badges, practice hand-to-hand transfer of students, remind students that we do not open doors for anyone, and check all outside doors when entering and exiting.  We will remember to actively supervise all areas of the playground by monitoring from a close proximity and turn our walkies talkies on.


    Writing:  We will continue our focus  Text Dependent Analysis.  This practice will be introduced and practiced weekly in all classrooms, as applicable.


    South Carolina College and Career Readiness Standards (SCCCR):   These standards will drive instruction in all classrooms.    If it is not a standard, save it for the end of the year once all required standards have been addressed.