• The following unofficial documents will be required for enrollment at Camden 
    High School.  It is the parents' responsibility to obtain the unofficial 
    documents listed below in order for the student to be enrolled.  You may 
    contact the Guidance Office at (803) 425-8935, if you have any questions 
    regarding enrollment.  You may have your previous school fax unofficial 
    documents to us at (803) 424-2861.  We will request official records once your 
    student(s) is enrolled.
    Items Needed for Enrollment
    1.   Completed enrollment application. (Online at Kershaw County District website).
    2.   Unofficial transcript and withdrawal form from your previous school.
    3.   Copy of discipline record from previous school (or a statement that the student has no discipline issues."
    4.   If your student has a 504 plan or an IEP, please make sure you have a copy 
    with you when you come to enroll.
    5.   Proof of guardianship.  The student must be residing in the home of the natural 
    parent or you must provide legal documentation of guardianship.  If you do not 
    have legal documentation, you must obtain educational rights from an attorney or family court. 
    Please contact Mr. Pate (District Hearing Officer) at (803) 432-8416 with questions regarding
    6.    Proof of residence in the name of the parent/guardian.  Only the following 
    items will be accepted – electric bill, gas bill, water bill, property tax bill, rental 
    agreement for the home, or contract for the purchase of the home.  If you reside 
    with someone in the Camden High School attendance area and cannot provide 
    proof of residence in your name, you must be admitted through the District Office.  
    Please contact Mr. Pate (District Hearing Officer) at (803) 432-8416 for an 
    admittance appointment.  You will also need to provide a notarized statement and 
    proof of residence from the person with whom you reside.
    7.       Immunization Record
    8.       Birth Certificate
    9.       Enrollment fees - $30 incidental/registration fee; $25 Elite pad insurance fee
    If you were expelled from school last year or attended an alternative school (i.e. Wil Lou Gray, Jon De La Howe, Willow Lane), you must be admitted through our District Office before you can enroll.  Please contact Mr. Pate (District Hearing Officer) at (803) 432-8416 for an admittance appointment.