The Academic Honors Medal will be awarded to students who have successfully completed all state requirements,

    earned a total of 28 Carnegie units of credit, and who have passed the state High School Exit Exam.  At least two
    Advanced Placement (AP) courses or four dual enrollment courses or a combination of one AP and two dual
    enrollment courses must be successfully completed.  A grade point average of 3.5 is required.  The credits required to receive this diploma are listed below.

    English/Language Arts

    4 units

    Mathematics (Geometry and Algebra are required)

    4 units

    Natural Science (Biology 1, Physical Science and Chemistry are required)

    4 units*

    U. S. History and Constitution

    1 unit


    ½ unit

    U. S. Government

    ½ unit

    Other Social Studies

    2 units*

    Physical Education or JROTC

    1 unit

    Computer Science (including keyboarding)

    1 unit

    World Language (same language)

    2 units*


    8 units*


    28 units*


    (* The medal requires four more units than are required for the basic high school diploma.  These required units include an additional unit in science, social studies, world language and an elective.)

    Rationale:   The Academic Honors Medal is offered to reward students who have exhibited exceptional academic commitment and performance in preparation for endeavors beyond high school graduation.  This medal is designed to distinguish such students, and serve to motivate other students to strive toward high academic accomplishment.  Students earning this medal will be honored at high school graduation ceremonies.