Social Media (for Schools & the District)

  • Click on the icon to link to the social media resources used by our schools (see the symbol key at the bottom of th page): 

    KCSD (District)

    Facebook  Twitter  PeachJar

    Baron DeKalb Elementary Facebook  Twitter  PeachJar
    Bethune Elementary Facebook  PeachJar
    Blaney Elementary Facebook  Twitter  PeachJar
    Camden Elementary Facebook  PeachJar
    Camden High Facebook  Twitter  PeachJar
    Camden Middle Facebook  PeachJar
    CLC Facebook  PeachJar
    Doby's Mill Elementary Facebook  PeachJar
    Jackson School Facebook  Twitter  PeachJar
    Lugoff Elementary Facebook  Twitter  PeachJar
    Lugoff-Elgin High Facebook  Twitter  PeachJar
    Lugoff-Elgin Middle Facebook  PeachJar
    Midway Elementary Facebook  PeachJar
    Mt. Pisgah Elementary Facebook  PeachJar
    North Central High Facebook  PeachJar
    North Central Middle Facebook  PeachJar
    Pine Tree Hill Elementary Facebook  PeachJar
    Stover Middle Facebook  PeachJar
    Wateree Elementary Facebook  PeachJar
    Woolard Technology Center  Facebook    PeachJar


    Symbol Key:

    Facebook   All school have a Facebook page where they post school news and photos.

    Twitter   Some have Twitter accounts to post school news and photos.

    PeachJar   All schools have a PeachJar account where they post school and community flyers.

    PeachJar Sign-Up:

    To register to begin receiving flyers for a school:

    1. Visit

    2. Register as a Parent. (account type).

    3. Select the schools's from which you would like to receive announcements.

    To UNSUBSCRIBE, select the "unsubscribe from this list" link at the bottom of any email.