• Welcome to Related Arts!
    Lugoff-Elgin Middle School provides related arts classes such as Physical Education, Art, Music, Chorus, Band, Careers, App Creator, Spanish, Reading and Math Intervention, Automation and Robotics, 3D Design and Multimedia Marketing, Energy and Environment, Flight and Space, Design and Modeling, Medical Detectives, Green Architecture and SEAGUL. These related arts expose students to a variety of interests that deepen the knowledge of core concepts. 
    The teachers are looking forward to making this a successful year. 
     top row: left to right: Jakob Huechtker, Sara Stokes, Shawn Phipps, Chris Meserve, and Rhonda Horton 
    middle row: left to right: Brenda Kirkland, Cheryl Gil, Sara Ponds and Tracy Elmore
    bottom row: Krysty Nunley and Ashleigh Altman
    The ultimate goal of this learning strategy is to give students deep conceptual understandings of their topic. This requires a depth of knowledge for teachers that demands collaboration and alignment. When students are given various routes to understand a subject, they have an opportunity to wallow in complexity and really struggle with various topics and concepts. This is something that they might not be used to but that demands a student-centered learning approach that they can quickly come to embrace.