Dr. Lisa Stockdale, ESOL Teacher

  • Dr. Lisa Stockdale, ESOL

     ¡Hola, Amigos! Hallo, Freunde! Hello, Friends!

    I am thrilled to be the ESOL teacher at Jackson, Pine Tree Hill and Baron DeKalb Elementary. I have the privilege of teaching kindergarten through 5th grade English learners every day and absolutely love my job! I grew up in a bilingual home, speaking German and English, and have always been fascinated by languages. Currently, I'm adding Spanish to my linguistic repetoire!

    Before becoming an ESOL teacher, I taught first, second and third grade for 29 years right here in Kershaw County. I've also taught 5th and 6th grade summer school, exit exam and GED classes at ATEC, and was the 21st CCLC After School Program Director for four years at Midway Elementary. I'm a three-time graduate of THE University of South Carolina, earning my B.A. in Elementary Education (1985), my M.Ed in Early Childhood (1994) and my Ph.D. in Elementary Education (2015). My research focuses on implementing culturally relevant pedagogy within the reading and writing workshop. I was also National Board Certified (Early Childhood Generalist) 2002-2012. 

    I am very happily married to Michael Stockdale, a U.S. Air Force veteran, who still works at Shaw AFB. Our family includes two grown children, Charlie (29), who lives in Charleston, and Beth (27), who lives in Columbia, four dogs (Maya, Kallie, JJ, & Zeus), 3 cats, 2 turtles and one 29-year-old ball python named Lazy Bones. I live in a very noisy, but happy home! 

    Lisa Stockdale, Ph.D.

    Jackson Elementary School (803) 425-8965 Ex. 4855
    Pine Tree Hill Elementary School (803) 425-8970 Ex. 7621
    Baron DeKalb Elementary School (803) 432-2483