Student Information and Attendance

  • Parent Portal The Office of Student Information oversees PowerSchool, PowerTeacher, and the PowerSchool Parent Portal. Our office maintains district attendance records, monitors student attendance and enrollment, and assists schools in attendance reporting. We also handle district data reporting to the South Carolina Department of Education, family court referrals for truancy, and medical homebound instruction.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the PowerSchool Parent Portal?
    The PowerSchool Parent Portal is an online portal that allows parents to check grades and attendance information online for their students.

    How can I access the PowerSchool Parent Portal?
    You can access the Parent Portal online at

    Is there a Parent Portal app?
    Yes, the PowerSchool Parent Portal app can be accessed through KCSD's free mobile app which is available for Android and Apple devices. Download it by searching for “Kershaw County School District” in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. To access the Parent Portal on the KCSD mobile app, parents will need KCSD’s code, which is CQQZ.

    How can I get a username and password to access my student’s information through the PowerSchool Parent Portal?
    Because of the secure nature of the information in the portal, the username and password must be obtained in person from your student’s school. You will need to present a photo ID to receive the login information.

    What should I do if I lose my PowerSchool Parent Portal username and/or password?
    Contact your student’s school in person and present a photo ID to receive your username and/or password again.

    Whom should I contact regarding the information for my student in PowerSchool Parent Portal?
    For information concerning attendance, contact the attendance secretary at your student’s school. For information concerning assignments and grades, contact your student’s teacher.

    What is the Kershaw County School District attendance policy?
    The KCSD Attendance Policy can be found at this link.

    What is truancy?
    Truancy is absence from school without the knowledge of parents/guardians or absence from school without acceptable cause with the knowledge of their parents/guardians.