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Well Visit and Vaccine Reminders to School-Aged Children

Now is the time to get your children caught up on routine immunizations they may have missed during the pandemic or are due for this year. It’s time to call your pediatrician or family doctor’s office to schedule a yearly checkup for your child.

In 2020, it was “stay home to stay safe”. In 2021, clinics are safe, sanitized, and socially distant. Medical offices have taken protective measures to make sure that visits can happen safely, including:

  • Scheduling sick visits and well-child visits during different times of the day
  • Asking patients to remain outside until it’s time for their appointment to reduce the number of people in waiting rooms
  • Offering sick visits and well-child visits in different locations

A safer return to school means vaccinating your child/children this spring with all recommended vaccines. Preteens especially need to receive their recommended vaccines. Children ages 9-12 are due for four vaccines to protect against diphtheria, HPV-related cancers, meningitis, tetanus, and whooping cough.

Call to schedule a well-child appointment today. For more information, visit SC DHEC's How Often Should My Child Get a Routine Checkup? Website.

When Your Child is Sick

There are illnesses for which a child must be kept out of school or childcare. This brochure explains when your child needs a doctor’s note or medical treatment to come back to school or childcare after certain illnesses. If you have any questions about the School and Childcare Exclusion List, please contact your child’s school, childcare or your local health department.

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