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General FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What jobs are open at the Kershaw County School District?
Please check the KCSD AppliTrack website to see our vacancy listing.

Is there an online application?
Yes, online applications can be accessed by going to our district website,, and selecting "View all vacancies and apply." 

If I don't have a computer, where should I go to complete an application?
There is a computer at the KCSD District Office available for applicants who would like to complete an online application. The District Office is located at 2029 W. DeKalb Street in Camden.

How long does my application stay on file?
Applications remain active for one year.

What is the starting salary for _______? (teacher, teacher assistant, food service, etc.)
Individual salary schedules are based on years of experience. The Teacher Salary Scale is available on our website.

What are the steps for becoming a substitute for Kershaw County School District?
Information on becoming a substitute is located on our District website.

What are the district's pay dates?
Employees are paid on the 15th and the 30th of each month.

How do I verify previous employment?
Please contact Human Resources for employment/salary information.

How much sick/annual leave do I receive?
Sick leave is granted based on the position held.

Annual leave is only granted to 12-month employees. This is also based on the number of years of employment in a 12-month position.  

When will my certificate upgrade be reflected in my paycheck?
Salary adjustments due to certificate upgrades are paid based on the validity date on the certificate. For individual requests, please contact Human Resources at

Can I contact the principal of the location that interests me? 

Applicants should not contact schools or hiring personnel directly. 

If I am interested in multiple job postings, what should I do?

You should log back into your application and select all positions from the list that interest you. 

I need to add or update my application. Should I send documents to the district office? 

No, you can always log back into your application and update and/or add documents as needed as long as your application is active.