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Educator Evaluarion Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I contact about my evaluation?
Contact Human Resources at or 803-432-8416.

Can a principal place a teacher on a formal evaluation at his(her) discretion even though that teacher has a continuing contract?
A supervisor has the right to place any employee on a formal evaluation cycle with proper notice. A competency building plan may be implemented and/or a formal ADEPT evaluation can be completed for any teacher, guidance counselor, speech therapist, or media specialist. 

I am going to be formally evaluated, how do I know what is expected of me?
Each employee will be formally evaluated using the state ADEPT model and given a comprehensive orientation into the evaluation process.   Information about the different evaluations can be found at SCDE's Educator Certification.

What are my options in dealing with formal evaluation results? How are the results reported to the SCDE?
At the end of the formal evaluation cycle, the results are downloaded into the SCDE’s ADEPT Data System.  Results are listed as listed as “MET” or “Not Met”. Specific results for each performance standard are also listed.  Incomplete evaluations or resignations that occur prior to the final conference are reported as “Incomplete” rather than “Not Met” on the state’s website.   The recommended evaluation for the following year will be listed as “Hired, Not Hired, Resigned, or Retired.”  All South Carolina Districts have access to this information.