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Educator Certification Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know when my teaching certificate expires?
Visit SCDE's Educator Certification and click on view certification. Use your name and SSN or certificate number to view your status.

Do I have to take a graduate class, or can I use points for certificate renewal?
If you have earned a Master’s degree or higher, you can collect 120 certification points for renewal.  If you have a Bachelor’s degree, you must take at least one graduate level class for renewal.  A three- hour graduate class is worth 60 points.  Please note that it takes 120 points in order to upgrade your certificate within each five year period.

What must I submit to the KCSD Office for certificate renewal?
You must include a “Computation Sheet for Renewal”, Option sheets, and documentation for each activity.  There is a renewal specialist at each school that can assist with your renewal process.

Where do I get the forms necessary to renew my certificate?
The forms are located in the Renewal Credit Plan notebook and on the Professional Development website under the topic of “Certification”.

I just earned my Master’s + 30 (or my Bachelor’s + 18). Can KCSD upgrade my certificate?
No, only the SC Department of Education (SCDE) can update a certificate.  You should complete a “Request for Change Action Form” and send an official transcript(s) to the SCDE.  Directions and forms can be found on the website, SCDE's Educator Certification. This must be done within 45 days of obtaining your Bachelors + 18 hours or Masters degree + 30 hours, or the effective date will become the date  on which the documents were received, not the date on your transcript.

I am not going to have the renewal points in time to renew my certificate! What do I do?
You must ask the SCDE for a one year extension and submit your renewal credit to KCSD within that year’s period. Your certificate will be renewed for four years. Find the necessary forms and procedure at SCDE's Educator Certification.

I have allowed my certificate to expire! Are there any sanctions for not having a valid certificate?
Not having a valid certificate can be grounds for dismissal.  Call the Human Resources office for assistance or email

How many days in a year must I work in order to receive a year’s credit on my certificate? Does maternity leave or family medical leave override this number?
You must be employed for 152 days during the school year in order to receive credit for a year of experience, not counting sick /personal leave.  In other words, you can miss no more than 38 days of unpaid time and still receive an additional year of service credit.  

I have questions about my certification. Who do I call?
Call the Human Resources (email office or the SCDE Certification Hotline from 1:00pm to 4:30pm daily at 1-877-885-5280.

I have National Board Certification (NBC). How does that affect my certification renewal process?
Your NBC certificate is valid for 10 years.  You must renew it at the end of the 10 years by following the NBC renewal procedures.  If not renewing your NBC, in order to renew your SC certification, renewal credits must be obtained in the last five years of your NBC certificate date.