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Employee Benefits

The benefits department is responsible for a) meeting with all new hires as well as employees who experience life changes within the year for enrollment in State benefits, b) administering all leaves of absence to ensure compliance with District policies and Federal Guidelines, and c) counseling employees on retirement options and assists with the retirement process.

Frequently Asked Questions

My name/address has changed. What do I need to do?
Complete the Name/Address Change Form and submit it to the Benefits Office, along with a copy of your new Social Security card. Once the changes are processed, the Benefits office will alert the Finance Office to update your paycheck name and/or address, and the Technology Office (if needed) to update your district accounts (for example: network, email, eChalk, PowerSchool, SchoolMessenger, etc). 

I am being charged a fee for using tobacco. No one on my insurance uses tobacco. How can I get this charge removed?
If you and your dependents have not used tobacco for at least 6 months, you may complete a Certification Regarding Tobacco Use form and return it to your benefits administrator. The charge will be removed the first of the month following receipt by the Employee Insurance Program. 

Can I keep my health, dental and vision insurance when I retire?
You may be eligible for health, dental and vision coverage in retirement if you retire from an employer that participates in the state insurance program and meet certain criteria. Enrollment in retiree insurance is not automatic. If you are eligible for retiree insurance, you must submit a completed Retiree Notice of Election form and Employment Verification Record to EIP within 31 days of your retirement to apply for retiree insurance. 

What happens to my life insurance when I retire?
If you are enrolled in Optional Life when you retire, you may choose to continue or convert your insurance with MetLife. A Continuation of Group Optional Life Coverage Form or Notice of Group Life Insurance Conversion Privilege Form must be completed and received by MetLife within 31 days of your retirement. You may also choose to convert your Basic Life or Dependent Life for a spouse or child by completing the Notice of Group Life Insurance Conversion Privilege Form within 31 days of your retirement. Your benefits office can assist you with completing these forms. 

I am working two or more jobs with covered employers. Will I get “extra” service credit?
No, you can only receive one year of service credit each year, regardless of the number of covered employers for which you work. However, your earnings from all employers by which you remit contributions are considered during the calculation of your average final compensation (AFC) at retirement. 

Can I make changes to my State benefits throughout the year?
Changes can be made mid-year if you experience a special eligibility situation such as marriage, birth, adoption or divorce as long as you make that change within 31 days of the event. 

At what point should I request a medical leave of absence?
If you are going to be out more than 10 consecutive working days you should complete and file a request for leave of absence with Human Resources. 

How many personal leave days are we granted each year?
Employees who earn sick leave are allowed to use with three of their sick leave days each year for personal reasons, prior approval from their supervisor. 

What type of documentation is required to add a dependent to state benefits?
The Employee Insurance Program now requires documentation when new dependents are added. For example, you must submit a long form birth certificate for children and marriage license or page 1 of your most recent federal tax return to add a spouse. To view a complete list of dependent types and documents required go to

In addition to my SC Retirement, can I tax defer more money in other plans?
The District has a 403b plan in place as well as the SC Deferred Compensation Program that offers a 401k, 457 and Roth 401k in which employees can save additional money for retirement. 

Do I have to enroll in the sick leave bank every year?
Once you have completed a sick leave bank application and enrolled as a member you will remain a member until you give notification in writing that you no longer wish to be a participating member of the bank.