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The Office of Finance

The finance department is responsible for processing payments to employees as well as vendors for products and services. We work to assure that we are adhering to the policies and procedures that guide a school district regarding the accurate processing of payments from the proper funding sources.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I have discovered that I have an old check that I never cashed?
You may return the check to the finance department and we will reissue you another check. 

Why is my contracted salary different from the salary information reported on my W-2?
The salary you earn in a school year is the amount you are paid from the beginning of a school year to the end of that year, whereas the wage information reported on your W-2 is what you have earned from January to December. 

Why does my ‘take-home’ pay change in December and again in January?
In December we begin deducting the new insurance premiums and in January often there are new tax tables we are required to implement effective January 1. 

Why does the district not withhold enough taxes from my paycheck each year?
Our payroll system calculates the amount of taxes to withhold depending on the information completed on your W-4, and the amount of your earnings. If you have concerns for tax purposes, we recommend that you speak with your Financial Advisor or Tax Preparer, someone who is aware of all of your personal financial information. 

I need to change my W-4 withholdings, my address, my direct deposit information, etc., who do I need to work with to make these changes?
All personal changes need to be submitted to the Department of Human Resources. 

I am a substitute for the District, how can I tell what days I am being paid for on each of my paychecks?
Assuming our payroll department receives the information regarding the days you substituted within the deadlines established, our schedule is established to process payment for any work performed from the 1st thru the 15th be processed on the 30th’s check and any work performed from the 16th thru the end of the month would be processed on the 15th of the following month. Also, you should see the information on your paystub. 

Why do I have to have my payroll Direct Deposit notice emailed to me rather than receiving the notice in a hard copy format? And why can’t I have that notice sent to my personal email account?
We implemented the email Direct Deposit notification in an effort to save the cost of the printing of the notices; we no longer have to purchase additional deposit notices and toner to print those documents. As a security feature to the employee we mandate that all notices be sent to a district email account to avoid a greater potential of someone unauthorized from receiving your personal information. 

How does the district calculate my mileage reimbursement?
The district adheres to the IRS with their approved mileage rates that are typically revised each January.
I am a vendor and would like to know when I can expect to receive payment for the goods or services sold to the District.
We process our Accounts Payable checks on a weekly basis for invoices that have been approved by the Principal or Administrator, submitted with an account number and we have received the documents no later than Monday mornings @ 10:00 am. We then mail all checks out on Friday’s via USPS.