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Professional Development

Professional Development

The Kershaw County School District Office of Professional Development provides superior comprehensive professional development opportunities for all faculty and staff to better meet the needs and goals of the Kershaw County School District.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of funding do we have to attend conferences, workshops, etc.?
The Office for Professional Development (OPD) manages several accounts that provide funding for professional activities. Employees should submit a “Request for Funding” form found on the district’s website. 

What graduate level courses does KCSD offer for teachers to become recertified?
The OPD offers a variety of graduate level courses on-site within the District. Courses include DATA: Discipline a Total Approach,30 Somethings for Technology Literacy, Technology for Today, Technology for Tomorrow, A Framework for Understanding Poverty, Nature and Needs of the Gifted and Talented, and Curriculum and Instruction for the Gifted Learner, Masters in Instructional Accomodation through FMU, ESOL courses through USC for the add on ESL Certification, Autism Spectrum Disorder through Winthrop.. Other courses are offered as needed.