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Gavin's Law

Gavin's Law (H.3583)

Gavin's Law (H.3583) is legislation that makes sexual extortion, the act of blackmailing someone using sexually explicit images or videos, a felony offense and an aggravated felony if the victim is a minor, vulnerable adult, or if the victim suffers bodily injury or death directly related to the crime. 

The bill reads in part, "Local school districts shall collaborate with the State Department of Education, the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division, and the Attorney General’s office, as appropriate, to implement a policy to educate and notify students of the provisions of this act which includes adequate notice to students, parents or guardians, the public, and school personnel of the change in law.  The State Department of Education must file a report as to the status of the adoption and implementation of the education policies under this act to the Governor, the President of the Senate, and the Speaker of the House of Representatives, annually by July first of each year."

In January 2024, the Kershaw County School Board adopted two policies related to sexual extortion. The district is committed to maintaining a learning environment free from intimidating or harassing behavior of any kind, including sexual extortion. In keeping with this commitment, the district prohibits any student, staff, or third parties from engaging in any behavior that would satisfy the definition of sexual extortion or aggravated sexual extortion as described in state law.

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