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Benefits of 4K

Benefits of 4-Year-Old Kindergarten


What is 4K?
Four-year-old-kindergarten is commonly referred to as 4K. It provides an enrichment opportunity for children prior to kindergarten. It is a program designed to nurture social, emotional and early academic skills of four-year-old children. A 4K program does not take the place of kindergarten.

Why offer 4K?
Four-year-old kindergarten provides children with quality early learning experiences that help provide a solid foundation for future success in school. Numerous research studies show long-term benefits for children who participate in high-quality early childhood programs, such as gains in cognition, knowledge, motor skills and language. Offering 4K through the school district ensures access to a quality pre-kindergarten program for all participants.

KCSD Program Details:
Children will attend 4K five-days-per-week all day on a regular school program. All children are eligible to apply for this program. Applicants are then screened and eligibility determined based on need. Slots may be available at a modest rate for any other students until all spaces are filled.  KCSD 4K program follows the KCSD school calendar.