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The Office of Academics

Student high-fives teacher during Math

The Academics Department develops the basic 4K-12 instructional program for all district schools and assures that it complies with state and federal laws and regulations. Specifically, the office of instruction plans and directs the development and implementation of early childhood programs, elementary education, middle and secondary education, special education, and the federal Title I program.

Early Childhood
Early childhood education is provided in an environment that promotes multiple and varied opportunities for young learners to develop and enhance their knowledge, skills, dispositions, and feelings. Developmentally appropriate activities for learning content through a curriculum supported by a classroom rich in language and literacy experiences for early learner is the goal of early childhood education in Kershaw County.

Elementary Education
Assistance to elementary schools is provided to insure student achievement in the elementary grades K-5. Instructional monitoring in the areas of English Language Arts, mathematics, science, and social studies for grades K-5 results in continuous improvement initiatives for schools and staff.

Middle/Secondary Education
Support is provided to middle and secondary schools (grades 6-12) for the purpose of improving student achievement. Instruction and outcomes are monitored for opportunities to better meet the needs of middle and secondary learners.