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  • Update for March 25, 2020

    SUPE CHAT: Coronavirus Update

    Superintendent Dr. Shane Robbins & Executive Director for Community Relations Mary Anne Byrd provide an update on the KCSD coronavirus response & planning moving forward.. [ ].

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  • Update for March 24, 2020

    School Closing Through April 30th: The Governor of South Carolina has mandated that all schools in South Carolina will now remain closed through April 30th.  We will not return to a normal schedule (as it stands) until May 1, 2020.  Our work/waive schedule will be as follows during this duration:

    • 23-27 March - Waive Week
    • 30 March - April 3 eLearning Instructional Week
    • 6-10 April - Spring Break
    • 13-17 April - Waive Week
    • 20-24 April - eLearning Instructional Week
    • 27-30 April - Waive Week
    • 1 May 2020 - Normal Schedule Resumes

    The Governor’s order does state that if things improve, an executive order could be issued to bring us back to school earlier.  With that being said, we are planning to be closed through April 30th.

    Spring Break Food Delivery: Parents- Today I supported the request to use Friday, April 3, 2020, to deliver ALL meals for spring break.  We will still utilize our current delivery locations. This is the only Friday that we will be delivering food.  We will deliver 10 breakfast(s) and 10 lunches for each child on this date. This allows our food service and transportation employees time for a much needed rest during spring break.  On a side note, the state considers meal delivery an essential health issue and will continue while we are in a state of closure.

    School Renewal Plans:  The deadline for School Renewal Plans that were originally due on April 30, 2020, has been extended to April 30, 2021.

    Dr. Shane Robbins, ATC

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  • Update for March 23, 2020

    When will we return to school:  While we have not received an official announcement, all you have to do is look at North Carolina and Virginia where their respective Governors have extended school closures to May 1st and beyond.  I was hopeful I would receive guidance today. However, for our families and staff, I will tell you to go ahead and prepare for a much longer duration than anticipated. During our “waive” week this week, teachers should plan for an entire week of instruction for 30 MAR-3 APR.  This will take us into spring break, 6-10 APR. If we do not return to school on 13 APR, which I suspect we will not, our students will have eLearning lessons from 13-17 APR. As more information is provided through our daily state conference calls, I will disseminate it to our community.

    U.S. Department of Education Approves South Carolina Assessment Suspension Waiver: State Superintendent Molly Spearman and the S.C. Department of Education (SCDE) has received notice that the U.S. Department of Education has approved the agency's assessment and accountability suspension waiver that was submitted as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.  On March 17, 2020, Superintendent Spearman sent a letter to U.S. Department of Education Deputy Secretary of Education, Mick Zais, indicating South Carolina’s intent to suspend federally required assessments and giving notice of submitting additional accountability measure waivers. On March 20, 2020, the U.S. Department of Education released a form for states to request such waivers. The U.S. Department of Education reviewed and gave South Carolina approval to suspend assessments and waived certain accountability measures. For spring 2020, South Carolina will not administer any of the following assessment programs:

    • SC READY (English language arts and mathematics in grades 3–8);
    • SCPASS (science in grades 4 and 6);
    • End-of-Course Examination Program (English, Algebra, Biology, United States History and the Constitution) the requirement that these examinations count 20 percent has been waived;
    • Prekindergarten assessments; and
    • Alternate Assessments

    The SCDE is working closely with the vendors of college entrance, college credit, and workforce readiness assessments to explore innovative approaches, such as testing online. To the extent possible, districts may administer these assessments to students who may need them for post-secondary or employment aspirations. These assessments include Advanced Placement, SAT, ACT, and WIN Ready to Work. Should these assessments be able to be administered, they will continue to be paid for by the state.

    Bright Note:  Mary Anne Byrd, our Executive Director for Community Relations shared with our team a recent segment that aired on SCETV, This Week in South Carolina.  In a gray environment, our transportation and food service departments are a bright ray of hope.  Our part starts at 3:00 mark.  

    Dr. Shane Robbins, ATC

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  • Update for March 22, 2020

    Building Access:  Beginning Monday, 23 March, 2020 there will be no patron/visitor access to any building within the Kershaw County School District.  On our conference call with SCDHEC the main concern is to ensure we are maintaining “social distancing.” If we do not do this we are exposing ourselves to the possibility of overwhelming Kershaw Health and our health care providers.  With this in mind, our buildings will only be occupied by essential staff Monday thru Thursday. Additionally, from the district level down to the building level, we will use skeleton crews simply to ensure we maintain the continuity of service for our students and staff.

    Teachers:  Just a couple of quick points; Try to utilize the resources our students can access through clever first to minimize confusion.  However, as you are well aware, there are a variety of resources at your fingertips if you feel they will help you keep your students engaged.  As this drags on, student participation will become more and more difficult. This was never designed to be a long-term solution. I have already observed teachers and administrators reading to their students through google hangouts and other platforms.  I know you miss your students and likewise many of them miss you. Seeing your face and hearing your voice will help keep them engaged. I hope you realize as difficult as this is for KCSD, some across our state and country are not nearly as prepared as you are.  I continue to be proud of all I am seeing and observing.

    Food Service:  I want to re-emphasize that beginning Tuesday our buses will depart out of two additional locations (Jackson Elementary and Lugoff Elementary).  This gives us a total of six locations for meal preparation. We will utilize volunteers on our buses to deliver meals so that our food service employees can stay on site preparing meals and delivering at our curbside pickup locations.  On Thursday, we will hand out 2 breakfast meals and 2 lunches. This will cover us for Friday. Our buses and food service employees will not operate on Fridays.  We are expected to deliver meals over spring break.

    Tomorrow I will be sending out a video update. Our cabinet will begin holding our Monday morning meetings virtually through Adobe Connect.  If you have any “immediate” needs, let someone on our building or district level administrative team know.


    Dr. Shane Robbins, ATC

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  • Update for March 20, 2020

    Building Operations:  As a reminder, we will move to operating our facilities four days a week.  Let me clear up any confusion, our teachers will provide instruction Monday through Friday for our students with the exception of the “Waive” week.  During the waive week I do expect virtual office hours will be held for student questions and the opportunity for them to turn in work they didn’t complete the prior week.  Closing the buildings allows for a reduction in unnecessary operational expenses.

    Food Service:  Beginning Tuesday of next week our buses will depart out of two additional locations (Jackson Elementary and Lugoff Elementary).  This gives us a total of six locations for meal preparation. We will utilize volunteers on our buses to deliver meals so that our food service employees can stay on site preparing meals and delivering at our curbside pickup locations.  On Thursday, we will hand out 2 breakfast meals and 2 lunches. This will cover us for Friday. Our buses and food service employees will not operate on Fridays.  We are expected to deliver meals over spring break.

    School Nurses:  Our school nurses have been assisting the county with their helpline.  In the event community members have medical questions, they are available to assist.  This helps our already maximized medical community. If a parent needs to pick up their child’s medication from the health office, they simply need to provide some advanced notice.  We will coordinate with the nurse to get this accomplished.

    Teacher Resources:  We have several resources that are being offered.  They are coming from potential vendors, the state, etc.  I want to encourage the use of the resources we have been training with and preparing in our eLearning environment.  Feel free to use what you want to keep your lessons engaging, I just don’t want you to feel overwhelmed. Additionally, it helps our IT Department and helpline answer parent questions if they are familiar with the software.

    Advanced Placement (AP Exams): From College Board;  they plan to offer AP Exams virtually. This year’s AP Exams will not include questions from the final units of the course – units typically covered in March and April. In addition, the streamlined Exams will take no longer than an hour and will be doable on a mobile phone. By April 3, College Board will publish the full exam schedule including the specific free-response question types that will comprise each AP Exam. Keep in mind, the exams will be “open book.” Students will have access to free, live AP review lessons, delivered by AP teachers from across the country. These online classes are not dependent on current AP teachers continuing instruction; we know many AP teachers now face circumstances that could make instruction impossible or improbable. The classes will be available on-demand, so teachers and students can access them at any time.

    Bus Wifi:  We will be enabling wifi on 10 more buses this Monday.  That will bring our total number of KCSD mobile wifi buses to 16. We also have 11 local groups/businesses that have partnered with us, raising our number of school-sponsored wifi locations to 27 throughout Kershaw County.

    We have had a number of employees step up to the plate.  Teachers, Nurses, Transportation, Food Service Employees, the list goes on and on.  We are in this together; “One Team, One Mission, One Goal.” My sincere thank you for putting the needs of our students and our community first.  Whether you’re a prayerful person or not, I am praying for health and safety for each of you while we do our best to serve. Get some rest this weekend, this is far from over.

    “Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil, for You are with me; Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me.”

    Dr. Shane Robbins, ATC

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  • Update for March 19, 2020

    We had a conference call with Superintendent Spearman today.  There are many variables and unknowns at this point. One thing is for certain we can guarantee that we are going to be out of school longer than anticipated.  The state is just not ready to release that information. They are going to take the weekend so we should know something soon.


    Also in our conference call with the State Superintendent, it was stated they are looking at alternatives to provide instruction, first priority will be seniors.  They will plan over the weekend. New instruction is not a priority at this point. Two points I would like to make, first, I think as a school district we have worked hard to prepare for times like these.  We are much further along in comparison to a majority of the districts in the state of South Carolina. Second, our eLearning concepts were never intended for such drastic situations and for this length of time.  It is challenging to say the least. Please keep this in mind, anything our students receive from their teachers is much better than the alternative, which is nothing. We need to have a mindset of minimizing the damage.

    Office Hours: 

    As it is consistently been put out for the need to minimize social interaction we have done our best as a school district to maintain our operations and support our community while meeting these mandates.  Tonight, I have made the decision to move to four day weeks. This is a similar concept that we utilize in the summer months. All KCSD offices will be closed on Fridays. With the medical information we are receiving I believe the three days out of the buildings completely will be good.  WE WILL continue to deliver food Monday thru Friday. We can reduce a day by delivering double meals on Thursday. Again, this has been approved by the state. We will also maintain our technology helpline support. 

    Dr. Shane Robbins, ATC

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  • Update for March 18, 2020

    Food Service:  Today (March 18, 2020) we began delivering meals to students through our bus routes.  Because our time frames are a little more fluid than a normal bus route our bus drivers will honk their horns at ALL stops where students are not visible.  It was discussed with the state and they determined that it will be permissible for us to continue food service through spring break. We will be discussing this with our food service and transportation departments.  

    Federal and State Testing:  The SCDE has requested a waiver of all federal and state tests.  Superintendent Spearman stated the department has already canceled the order for the assessments.  The only outlier would be Advanced Placement (AP) tests that students must take to receive college credit for the course.  More information to follow.

    Technology:  We have 117 outstanding student needs.  Our technology staff is keeping a running log to ensure our students' are receiving the necessary support.  Today during my conference call with the state superintendent and superintendents across the state it was relayed that we will receive authorization to wifi enable 10 of our state-owned buses.  This will go along with our six activity buses giving us 16 mobile hotspots. We will place them across the county and update our wifi map. Reminder our technology hotline is available from 8 am to 8 pm.

    Grading/Homework:  In our phone call with Superintendent Spearman It was stressed that we should be relaxed in our homework expectations and remain cognizant of the stress being placed on working families.  As a reminder, students will be given assignments 16-20 March. 23-27 March we will have a “waive” week. This week is designed for teacher eLearning planning with no student work or student make-up work that was not turned in the previous week.  This will be followed up by a week of student work expectations (the week of 30 March). There is no one size fits all as much of this is dependent upon the age of the child and the level of content being delivered. It needs to be fun and creative.

    Office Hours:  Office hours will vary by location, but generally our offices will be operational for phone calls from 8 am to 4 pm,  Check with your child's building for specific times.

    Dr. Shane Robbins, ATC

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  • March 17 School Board Meeting - Coronavirus Update

    During the KCSD School Board of Trustees' regularly-scheduled meeting, Superintendent Dr. Shane Robbins gave an update on the district's response to the district's closure and current operations due to the coronavirus (COVID-19.)

    (Please note that closed-captioning of this video will be available as soon as possible.)

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  • March 17, 2020

    Dear Kershaw County School District Families:

    We will hold our monthly board meeting tonight.  At tonight’s meeting, I will give the board an update on our current operational status and response to the COVID-19 virus.  If you go to the district’s website later this evening, you will be able to watch a video of the meeting.  This month we will eliminate all agenda items and focus on our COVID-19 response.  Additionally, on advice from the South Carolina School Boards Association, our public forum agenda item will be removed until we get through the current health crisis.

    We have been operating four sites (Bethune Elementary, North Central Middle, Camden High, and Blaney Elementary) for food service since Monday.  I am happy to report that starting Wednesday, the food service department will partner with the transportation department to begin delivering food along their current bus routes.  Buses will pick up meals from the four feeding sites by 9:30 AM and will begin their routes after loading. Lunch for the current day as well as breakfast for the next day will be delivered at one time. You do not need to sign up; we will provide the free food to any student at the bus stop. Thank you to all involved for establishing standard operating procedures to get this accomplished.  I am incredibly proud of both departments for maximizing resources to reach as many children as possible.

    Our IT Department has started a tracking list of students with breaks, lost chargers, etc.  Currently we have 115 students without devices or functioning devices. A majority of them were left at the school.  They have been recovered and are in the front offices ready for pick up tomorrow. All of our building and district-level IT employees are working both the help lines and conducting device repairs to ensure our students have the tools they need.  If there is a transportation issue for a parent to pick up a device, we will deliver them to the home. As a reminder, our tech hotline number is 803-425-8916. Lines are being staffed from 8 am to 8 pm Monday thru Friday.

    Late this afternoon I received a memo from the state superintendent stating that South Carolina intends to suspend all federally-required testing during spring 2020 and requests a waiver of those testing requirements, including ESSA's 95 percent assessment participation requirement.  Also, South Carolina intends to request a waiver to delay the identification of any school for comprehensive or targeted support and improvement based upon 2019-20 and will apply for a hold-harmless provision and keep ratings from the 2018-19 state report cards in place until the 2020-21 school year.

    Dr. Shane Robbins, ATC

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  • Update for March 16, 2020

    Dear Kershaw County School District Families:

    I will try to keep today’s update brief; however, as we navigate through this process with our schools being closed, I am certain more and more questions will arise.  I want to start with a quote that I feel is appropriate during this crazy time:

    The measure of wisdom,

    Is how calm you are,

    When facing any given situation!

    -Naval Ravikant

    Many of your questions can be answered if you go to our homepage at  There you will find a pop up with the latest information.  In the near future, we will share a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page with the community.  We currently are doing the same with our employees. This will allow us to be clear and consistent with our messaging.  At 3:00 p.m., I will participate in a press conference with Senator Sheheen and County Administrator Vic Carpenter. Our goal is to reassure the community that we are working as fast and efficiently (together) as we possibly can.

    Today we began serving breakfast at specified locations.  I have asked our food service director to put a plan together that would allow us to use our buses and bus routes to get meals to the students at their bus stops and/or homes.

    I know there are many questions and quite honestly many unknowns.  However, I want to assure you that we will get through this together.  

    As it stands today at 2:00 p.m., our schools are mandated to be closed until March 31st.  I suspect that date will change, but that is the date we are working on at this moment. Stay resilient, stay healthy, and stay calm.


    Dr. Shane Robbins

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  • Update for March 15, 2020

    Dear Kershaw County School District Families,

    Thank you for your cooperation as we transition into a time of eLearning for our students.  We know that this causes a disruption in schedules, but recognize the importance of changing our normal routines during this unprecedented time.  I apologize for this long message, but I want to make sure that you have complete information.

    We have learned today that we will be given flexibility with our schedule. We will have eLearning this week from March 16-20, but will have staff planning with no student instructional requirements for the next week (March 23-27). In addition, Gov. McMaster has extended our closure through the end of the month. As we move through this process, I know you will have additional questions about the schedules beyond March 27; there will be further updates with more information as we move forward. 

    For this week, teachers will provide students with information on their assignments and lessons via Google classrooms and be available to answer classwork questions via a variety of ways including Google chat, email, ClassDojo, or GoGuardian.

    Elementary and middle school teachers will have virtual office hours from 9 a.m. to noon.  High school teachers’ office hours for eLearning will be 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

    If you have a technology-related issue, you can call (803) 425-8916 during regular school hours or email We have more information about locations for public Wi-Fi and a map of where we will park buses that are equipped with WI-FI throughout the county at

    Central Carolina’s Kershaw County Campus also will be closed to all classroom instruction during this time. Those students should check their CCTC email daily for information on completing their coursework.

    In addition, we will be serving free breakfast and lunch on weekdays starting tomorrow for those who are 18 years and younger at drive-through pick up locations at Bethune Elementary, Blaney Elementary, Camden High and North Central Middle. Free meals are available for all children regardless of their meal status during the school year. Pick up will be along the bus rider line at each school with breakfast available from 7 to 9 a.m. and lunch from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Students must be present at the time of pick up. All food is “grab and go.” No food will be consumed onsite. As flexibility is given for state food service requirements, we will keep you updated on any changes in our plans. 

    You can find the latest information on all of our plans at

    Let me say in closing that we are a family, and we care very much about the health and well-being of our students and staff. If you have concerns or need assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to your school administrator or send me a message, and we’ll find an answer for you. Earlier this year we talked about our North Central High family as being #KnightStrong, but we know that we are #KCSDStrong. One team, one goal, one mission.

    Take care of yourself and your loved ones and let us know what we can do to help you.   

    Mary Anne Byrd, APR
    Community Relations Executive Director

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  • District Information for our ESOL Families

    Kershaw County School District loves all our families and we want to make sure we are communicating with everyone to the best of our ability. If you need our messages (calls, email, and texts), websites & social media in another language, please visit for this information. Thank you!

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  • KCSD to offer free breakfasts, lunches at pick up locations starting Monday

    March 14, 2020

    KCSD Nutrition Services Logo The Kershaw County School District (KCSD) will continue to feed students during the district’s two-week closure.  Breakfasts and lunches will be served on weekdays starting Monday at drive through pick up locations at Bethune Elementary, Blaney Elementary, Camden High and North Central Middle.

    “We don’t want the fact that our schools are closed to mean that our students lose access to their school breakfast and lunch meals,” said KCSD Superintendent Shane Robbins.  “Misha Lawyer and our food service department have worked quickly with the State Department of Education to set this up so there is no break in service for our students.”

    Robbins said that children age 18 and younger may receive a free meal regardless of their meal status during the school year. Pick up will be along the bus rider line at each school with breakfast available from 7 to 9 a.m. and lunch from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

    Students must be present at the time of pick up. All food is grab and go; nothing will be consumed on site. No one will be allowed in the school buildings.

    Robbins said that the district greatly appreciates the offers of volunteer help with this program but KCSD is working to avoid large group gatherings and assist with social distancing in this effort.  He said that the district has help covered with food service employees. 

    Breakfast items will vary and may include cereal with milk, fruit, Fruit Frudels, whole grain Pop Tarts, cereal bars, milk and juice. Lunches will be sandwiches, chips, fruit, fresh vegetables and milk.

    KCSD is looking at ways going forward that breakfast and lunch can be served at the same time while ensuring food safety.

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  • Governor closes Kershaw County School District for two weeks

    March 13, 2020

    Today SC Governor Henry McMaster closed all schools in the Kershaw County School District (KCSD) for two weeks. The closure also includes all school-related activities.

    KCSD officials said that students will participate in eLearning activities starting Monday. KCSD principals and teachers will be in touch with students to provide additional details on student lessons.

    The school district has 1:1 capability in grades K-12 and is a pilot district approved by the Education Oversight Committee to use eLearning for inclement weather days.

    "We will do everything to support both our staff and students during this unprecedented time,” said KCSD Superintendent Shane Robbins. “I have great confidence in the resilience of our schools and community to persevere through this challenge. There will be more information to follow in the days ahead, and we will communicate with our community as quickly and efficiently as we can. I understand the challenge this creates for some families, and I appreciate their cooperation and patience as we work through this together."

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  • March 12th Update from Dr. Robbins

    Dear Kershaw County School District Families, 

    As of early this evening, Kershaw County’s total presumptive cases have increased by one to a total of eight with the state’s total reaching twelve. Today, SCDHEC released information that a Camden man is currently hospitalized and in isolation after testing presumptively positive. All of the Kershaw County presumptive positive cases are adults in Camden. I want you to understand that as a district, even though it appears that we are not in a state of panic, we are still working and planning with a sense of urgency.  We have developed three phases of response that will allow us to mitigate risk and be a part of the positive actions being asked of communities.

    Risk Mitigation:

    Phase I:

    • Increased handwashing, hygiene, and surface area disinfecting
    • Suspension of cafeteria self-service until further notice
    • All field trips in and out of state canceled until further notice 

    Phase II:

    • Students with immune-deficiency conditions provided alternative learning opportunities
    • Extra-curricular activities and public presentations/activities determined on a case-by-case basis

    Phase III: (not yet activated)

    • All extra-curricular activities canceled until further notice
    • With the approval of the SC Department of Education, eLearning initiated throughout the district

    Current Status:  As a district, we are moving from a Phase I to Phase II response.  Today we made the decision to postpone all of our field trips until further notice.  In addition, SC Special Olympics decided to cancel the Kershaw County Special Olympics Spring Games. I have a conference call scheduled for Monday morning with the Superintendents Association and the South Carolina High School League to determine the status of our spring sports schedules.  As of this release, there is no change in our sports schedules. 


    Dr. Shane Robbins, ATC

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  • March 10th Update from Dr. Robbins

    Dear Kershaw County School District Families,

    KCSD participated in a state emergency operations teleconference today. We then met with local leadership and the Executive Director and Medical Director of the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control. Part of the discussion was CDC guidance. At this time, DHEC does not recommend closing schools or canceling public events.

    Please be assured:

    1. The school district is closely monitoring the situation and is making the necessary preparations in case COVID-19 becomes more prevalent in our community. We all play a role in reducing the likelihood of a coronavirus outbreak in our school district community. We encourage everyone to practice good habits, including:

      • Wash your hands regularly, especially after using the restroom and before preparing or consuming food. Wash for 20 seconds, using soap and hot water. Be sure to also wash your fingertips.

      • Avoid coughing or sneezing into your hands or in the air. Always try to cough or sneeze into a tissue, and then throw the tissue away. If you don’t have a tissue, cough/sneeze into your arm.

      • As much as you can, avoid touching your eyes, mouth and nose.

      • If children are feeling sick, please keep them home from school. Allow them some time to feel better so that they do not risk infecting others.

    2. As always, the safety of our students, staff and families remains our top priority. We will act out an abundance of caution to protect everyone’s health and well-being. We want to share with you a free website ( MUSC.CARE ) and encourage you to use this site if you believe you or anyone you know has an onset of symptoms. This “telehealth” website is managed by providers at MUSC and is free if you enter the promo code: COVID19.

    Dr. Shane Robbins, ATC

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  • Update for March 8, 2020

    Dear Kershaw County School District Families, 

    Update: In speaking with officials from KershawHealth, it was brought to our attention that two students, one from North Central High School and one from Camden High School, were interning in the Emergency Room when the patient with possible Coronavirus (COVID-19) was admitted.  The students did not have direct contact with the patient. We have also been advised that these students would not be able to transmit the disease for several days. Only close contact or touching surfaces that the patient may have touched would be significant; however, we have asked the families to self-isolate just as a precaution next week.  This is in line with KershawHealth’s standard operating procedures for their employees.

    KCSD Guidance/Response:  We completed a thorough cleaning with Lysol, Clorox, and alcohol mixtures in all of our facilities this past weekend. We will utilize a tiered response that includes social distancing and full disclosure.  The World Health Organization (WHO) does not recommend wearing masks; they state, “If you are not ill or looking after someone who is ill, then you are wasting a mask.”  If an individual is ill, then part of our tiered response is for that person to stay home until he/she is symptom-free.

    Prevention: Other steps South Carolinians can continue to take to help stay healthy include: 

    • Social distancing (limit handshaking)(New)
    • Washing your hands
    • Covering your cough
    • Staying home when you’re sick, and
    • Appropriately disposing of tissues and other items that you've sneezed or coughed into 


    Dr. Shane Robbins, ATC

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  • March 7th Update from Dr. Robbins

    Dear Kershaw County School District Families, 

    Update: The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control announced the investigation into two cases of possible cases of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) on Friday.  Officials said one case is located in Kershaw County while the second is located in Charleston County. According to DHEC, the case in Kershaw County involves an adult female who has been hospitalized and is in isolation.  DHEC’s Dr. Linda Bell stated, “While the risk to the public remains low, there is no evidence of ongoing transmission in the community at this time and our primary goals remain prevention and control.” South Carolinians are still reminded to take steps to protect themselves against a more present threat — the flu.

    KCSD Guidance/Response:  Similar to how our district works during cold and flu season, we are ensuring our custodial staff is cleaning thoroughly.  We decided to bring in our custodial team this weekend to go through our buildings hitting door handles, desks, water fountains, bathrooms, etc. for good measure.  We will be using Lysol, Clorox, and other alcohol mixtures, all approved by the CDC as products that will kill COVID-19. If your child is ill, please keep him/her home. Likewise, we will be communicating the same to our employees. We know we have a hardworking and dedicated staff; however, now is not the time to “work through it,” as some would say.  

    Worst Case Scenario:  Because KCSD is one of South Carolina’s eLearning districts, we have the authority to enact eLearning if there were to be a significant community outbreak. The South Carolina Department of Education will expand the program for other districts in response to COVID-19.

    Prevention: Other steps South Carolinians can continue to take to help stay healthy include: 

    •   washing your hands,
    •   covering your cough, 
    •   staying home when you’re sick, and 
    •   appropriately disposing of tissues and other items that you've sneezed or coughed into. 



    Dr. Shane Robbins, ATC

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  • February 29th Update from Dr. Robbins

    We have received guidance on the emerging outbreak of a new coronavirus. The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) is reminding South Carolinians to take steps to protect themselves against a more present threat — the flu.

    What we know: COVID-19, the new coronavirus responsible for an outbreak that began in Wuhan, China, is a serious public health concern and DHEC is working with federal and state health partners in preparation to prevent its spread. DHEC’s message is that the immediate risk to the U.S. general public remains low at this time. Meanwhile, flu activity across the nation and South Carolina remains widespread. As of Feb. 12, there have been 1,931 hospitalizations and 68 flu-related deaths reported in South Carolina this flu season.

    Symptoms: “It’s important to remember that symptoms of COVID-19 are the same as the flu,” said Dr. Michael Kacka, DHEC Physician and Medical Consultant. “We are currently seeing widespread transmission of flu. The risk for exposure to the flu for the general population is high and the risk of complications and deaths from the flu are a far greater public health threat than COVID-19 in the U.S. at this time.” DHEC continues to encourage people who are unvaccinated to get the flu vaccine. This protects individuals and the public and reduces confusion of more common respiratory illnesses with possible COVID-19 illnesses.

    Prevention: Other steps South Carolinians can take to help stay healthy include:

    • washing your hands,
    • covering your cough,
    • staying home when you’re sick, and
    • appropriately disposing tissues and other items that you've sneezed or coughed into.

    Dr. Shane Robbins, ATC Superintendent

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  • Coronavirus Update