• PTH Kindergarten Music

    little cowbell Students that attend General Music Class at Pine Tree Hill participate in music lessons
    that are based on the South Carolina Grade-Level Academic Standards for General Music.  
    Kindergarten music students participate in activites that include the following music standards:
    Standard 1:   The student will sing and perform on instruments,
                         alone and with others, a variety of music.
    Standard 2:   The student will improvise, compose,
                         and arrange music within specified guidelines.
    Standard 3:   The student will read and notate music.
    Standard 4:   The student will listen to, describe, analyze,
                         and evaluate music and music performances.
    Standard 5:   The student will examine and perform music from a
                        variety of stylistic and historical periods and cultures.
    Standard 6:   The student will make connections between music,
                         other arts disciplines, other content areas, and
                         the world.