• Audrey Cutlip Audrey Cutlip, Instructor


    Born and raised in Blythewood, SC I am blessed to find myself a new home in Camden at WTC. I am a graduate of Clemson University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Education.

    My vision is to see the security of agriculture safely in the hands of our future generations. I am passionate about all things agriculture but my specialty is animal science! I am looking forward to this school year and cannot wait to take the agriculture program to new heights. 


    • Agricultural Science and Technology                               
      Grades 10 - 12                                                       1 unit
      Prerequisite: None
      This course is designed to teach concepts and understanding related to plant and animal life including biotechnology, conservation of natural resources and the impact of agriculture and natural resources on the environment.  Emphasis is placed on the role of agriculture in society and the importance of agriculture to the welfare of the world.

    • Agricultural Mechanics and Technology                               
      Grades 10 – 12                                                    1 unit
      Prerequisite: None
      This course provides development of general mechanical skills which are required in all areas of agriculture.  It is designed to provide hands-on experiences in woodworking, metal working, welding, small engine repair and basic farm and homestead improvement.

    • Introduction to Horticulture           
      Grades 11 – 12                                                    1 unit
      Prerequisite: Agricultural Science and Technology, Agricultural Mechanics and Technology   
      This course gives students hands-on experience with propagation, growing, establishing, and maintaining greenhouse plants; landscape design and management; tissue culture techniques; turf grass management; and horticulture use and maintenance.

    • Landscape Technology
      Grades 11 – 12                                                    1 unit
      Prerequisite: Introduction to Horticulture
      The course in Landscape Technology is designed to qualify the student completing the course for job entry into landscaping fields or to continue advanced training in post high school education. A combination of subject matter and activities is designed to teach technical knowledge and skills for entry-level positions in selling, selecting, and servicing.

    • Animal Science                                 
      Grades 11 – 12                                                      1 unit
      Prerequisite: Agricultural Science and Technology, Agricultural Mechanics and Technology
      This course is designed to provide an overview of the animal science industry.   It provides information on the biological make-up of various species of agricultural livestock.    It also provides students with information on animal behavior that would be beneficial before embarking on a career in animal science.  Typical instructional activities include hands-on experiences with the principles and practices essential in the production and management of farm animals and farm animal products for economic, recreational, and therapeutic uses.

    • Introduction to Veterinary Science                                             
      Grades 11 – 12                                                        1 unit
      Prerequisite: Animal Science
      This course will explore the field of veterinary medicine. Students will study the role of a veterinarian and veterinary technician in the diagnosis and treatment of animal diseases. Topics to be discussed include: veterinary terminology, anatomy and physiology, pathology, genetics, handling and restraint, and physical examinations along with common surgical skills.  Students will engage in a variety of laboratory activities and will participate in shadowing and/or other work-based learning experiences.