Instructor: Wayne M. Robinson                                                   

    Phone: 803-438-3481  ext: 5678                  E-mail: wayne.robinson@kcsdschools.net



    The purpose of this course is to introduce/foster a greater understanding of the key features of geography, such as physical setting and climate, government and economies around the world, people and culture, and interaction and conflict. The objectives of this course are:

    1.       To provide students with a geographical knowledge base.

    2.       To further develop a student’s analytical and communication skills.

    3.       To encourage a reflective attitude toward the world in which we live.

    Students will need to study diligent to master the information.  Course materials will include primary source analysis, graphical interpretation, map reading, economics, and political systems.  Students will reflect on their roles today as individuals and members of a global community.

    The following chart is a breakdown of the 8 different standards we will address this semester and an approximate timeline for each.


    Time Frame

    WG-1: The student will demonstrate an understanding of the physical and human characteristics of places, including the creation of regions and the ways that culture and experience influence the perception of place.

    15 days

    WG-2: The student will demonstrate an understanding of the physical processes that shape the patterns of Earth’s surface, including the dynamics of the atmosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere, and lithosphere.

    10 days

    WG-3: The student will demonstrate an understanding of the characteristics, distribution, and migration of human populations on Earth’s surface.

    10 days

    WG-4: The student will demonstrate an understanding of the characteristics of culture, the patterns of culture, and cultural change.

    15 days

    WG-5: The student will demonstrate an understanding of the role that geography plays in economic development.

    10 days

    WG-6: The student will demonstrate an understanding of the processes, patterns, and functions of human settlement.

    10 days

    WG-7: The student will demonstrate an understanding of how cooperation and conflict among people influence the division and control of Earth’s surface.

    12 days

    WG-8: The student will demonstrate an understanding of how human actions modify the physical environment; how physical systems affect human systems; and how resources change in meaning, use, distribution, and importance.

    5 days

    Review and End of Semester Exam/Project

    3 days



    1.       Three-ring binder with loose-leaf paper

    2.       Writing Utensil

    ***Binder: Our goal is to create a paperless classroom. I will be working hard to set students up for success in that area, but it will take some time. There will always be times when we need to use paper and pen, especially given the fickle nature of technology. Therefore students must have a 3 ring binder with loose leaf paper and a writing utensil unless otherwise notified by me.

    Elite HP pad: Students will be issued an Elite pad at the beginning of the semester by the school.  Students are required to bring their Elite Pad to class every day. All school/district rules pertaining to appropriate usage will apply in my classroom.

    CODE OF CONDUCT: LEHS will be using the PBIS system this school year. 

    Classroom Zone – LEHS SPIRIT

    Succeed by Showing:

    Pride – Keep classroom clean

    Integrity – Have integrity in work and actions

    Respect – Show respect to yourself and others through your actions

    Involvement – Actively participate in a positive manner in class


    Rewards for LEHS SPIRIT in the classroom

    –Must complete 1 SPIRIT Card & turn in to me

    • Late Homework Pass- Homework can be a day late without penalty
    • Choose your group/partner for a day
    • Choose your desk for a day
    • Listen to music- on your computer during individual breakout time



    Seating: Students will have seats assigned to them and will be expected to sit in those seats.

    Tardy: Students are expected to be seated in class when the bell rings. If not they will report to the room 305. 

    Restroom: Students are expected to go to the restroom during class change.  If a student needs to use the restroom during class, they will present their agenda to the instructor to be signed as a hall pass.

    Absence: It is the student’s responsibility to make up any missed work while absent. After a 3rd absence, a parent contact will be made. Students are permitted 5 absences a semester per district policy.

    Food/Drink: No food will be allowed in the classroom. Water will be allowed if it is kept in a container with a re-sealable lid.

    Electronic devices: No cell phones or gaming devices are allowed in class. Earphones with the Elite Pads may be used at the discretion of the instructor.


    Quarter Grades

    Major Grades                                                   50%

    (Tests and Projects)

    Minor Grades                                                     50%

    (Classroom assignments, quizzes, homework

    Semester Grades:

    1st Quarter:                                         40%

    2nd Quarter:                                        40%

    EOC:                                                      20%


    Absences and Late Work: It is the student’s responsibility when absent to ask for and make-up any missed work.  These missed assignments should be turned in within three school days after an absence.  If a student misses more than two days, then other arrangements for time can be made. 

                    Late work will be accepted, but will not receive full credit.    If a student is absent, an assignment will be due on the day the student returns.  If a student is absent on the day an assignment is given, the student will receive the assignment the day of their return and it will be due the following day. You may monitor student grades and absences via Parent Portal. Grades will updated as quickly as possible.