• Welcome! This section is designated for providing information regarding the ATEC Preschool. This information is mainly for the purpose of the families of the preschool students, but is also useful for the high school students in the Early Childhood Education classes and others interested in learning about our program.
    Listed below are some internet web sites we occasionally use with the preschoolers. We encourage you to explore these sites with your child. Some of these sites will ask you to create an account in order to access the games, but all are free (no trial period). We will be adding and/or changing this list as the need arises.
    ABCya:  www.abcya.com/
    Starfall:  www.starfall.com/ 
    PBS Kids:  pbskids.org/
    Jumpstart:  www.jumpstart.com/
    Education.com:  http://www.education.com/games/preschool/
    Learning Games: http://www.learninggamesforkids.com/preschool_games.html 
    Your preschooler may come home singing songs you don't know or talking about dancing in school. Dancing with the children is one way we help their large muscles develop. We've also discovered several exercise videos they particularly like. :)