Course Information

  • Mrs. Wilhite's music classes are taught using the South Carolina College and Career Ready Standards for Visual and Performing Arts Proficiency General Music Standards.

    General Music Standards: 

    Artistic Process:  Creating - I can use the elements of music to communicate new musical ideas and works.

         Anchor Standard 1:  I can arrange and compose music.

         Anchor Standard 2:  I canimprovise music.

    Artistic Process:  Performing - I can perform a variety of music with fluency and expression.

         Anchor Standard 3:  I can sing alone and with others

         Anchor Standard 4:  I can play instruments alone and with others.

         Anchor Standard 5:  I can read and notate music.

    Artistic Process:  Responding:  I can respond to musical ideas as a performer and listener.

         Anchor Standard 6:  I can analyze music.

         Anchor Standard 7:  I can evaluate music.

    Artistic Process:  Connecting:  I can relate music ideas to personal meaning, other arts disciplines and content areas.

         Anchor Standard 8:  I can examine music from a variety of stylistic and historical periods and cultures.

         Anchor Standard 9:  I can relate music to other arts disciplines, other subjects and career paths.

    We use the following website in our music classroom:  



    There is rarely homework for music classes.