• Catherine Williford

    2018-19 Special Education/Resource Syllabus

    Room: 507

    Phone: (803) 438-7414, Ext. 2865

    Email: catherine.williford@kcsdschools.net

    Planning: 10:00-11:05


    Required Text and Materials:

    Agenda Planner filled out


    Reg. Ed. Textbooks according to individual need




    The resource room is for students who qualify for Special Education services under the federal law IDEA. Students are remediated and tutored on an individual basis or in a small group setting according to his/her IEP (individualized education plan).


     Course Description:

     The resource program is a remedial/tutorial program focusing mainly on building literacy and math skills, as well as tutoring in regular education subjects when time allows. Other skills taught include study skills, organizational skills, test preparation, listening/following directions, career exploration, and social skills.

    Course Objectives:

    •  To attain each student's IEP Objectives
    • To assist students in becoming Positive, Respectful, Organized, Wise, Life-Long Learners. PROWL on Tigers!


     Course Requirements:

    • Attendance- It is important to attend school every day! When you are absent, it is your responsibility to ask your teachers for make-up work (they may not remind you).
    • Class Rules and Expectations-
    1. Come to class prepared with books, notebooks, pencils, erasers, paper, agenda, etc.  Bring everything you need to work on.
    2. Respect others by not talking during study time, follow the golden rule.
    3. Know and follow all school and classroom rules.
    4. Work throughout the entire period to get half a period of free time on Friday.   
    Weekly grades for Reading, Writing, Math, and Resource participation. The Classworks computer program tied to MAP skills will also be used. Weekly averages will be recorded in the gradebook.
     Grading Scale:
    SRA Reading
    95+ =  A
    85-94 = B
    75-84 = C
    65-74 = F (no "Ds")
    90-100 = A
    80-89 = B
    70-79 = C
    60-69 = D
    below 60 = F 
    Written Expression: Various rubrics depending on which skill is addressed. A rubric will be attached to each writing assignment.