6th Grade Academic English Language Arts Plan

    Leslie M. Stover Middle School

    Laurie A. Slaughter


    Teacher Expectations:

    ** The students are to follow all school and classroom rules.


    **It is imperative that students be prepared for class. They should bring all supplies to their English language arts class: three-ring binder with loose-leaf paper, a pencil, and a book to read. The students will be notified when they are to bring other materials such as markers, colored pencils, Literature text and workbook, etc. to class.


    **Students are expected to complete all class work and homework assignments. Homework is used as a means to reinforce objectives that are covered in class. Homework is counted as a grade. The homework is graded upon effort. Homework is written on the right hand side of the board for each student to see and copy down into his/her agenda daily. It is also posted on BlackBoard. Long-term assignments will also be posted on BlackBoard well ahead of time so students will be well aware of due dates.


    Course Goals:

    • Students will successfully comprehend, respond, analyze, and evaluate both literary and nonfiction works.
    • Students will strengthen their skills in word analysis and vocabulary strategies for improved fluency in reading.
    • Students will create written work that has focus, detail, organization, voice, and correct use of conventions of Standard American English.
    • Students will master skills in reading, writing, and researching.

    **Each student will be given the opportunity to earn extra credit (5 points added to the test grade) by returning a signed vocabulary sheet.

    If your child needs extra assistance, please contact me through email, note, or by phone (see communications below). I will be available after school Thursday 3:00-3:30. Please make arrangements with me prior to the date of assistance.



    Check BlackBoard for assignments and information, Conferences by appointment, Telephone Conferences, Notes, Interims, and Report Cards, phone: 803-438-7414 ext. 2854, email: laurie.slaughter@kcsdschools.net


    I am looking forward to having a great year teaching your child.


    Mrs. Slaughter