Items needed for class:
    1. Pencils
    2. Pens-Blue or Black
    3. Highlighter-multi color is acceptable
    4. Spiral notebook-College ruled
    5. 1 1/2 inch binder
    6. Colored pencils
    1. Page protectors
    Course Syllabus                                                                     sara.miskin@kcsdschools.net


    SC History                                                                               http://sto.kcsdschools.com

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    Text: The South Carolina Journey


    Course Objectives: Students will study our state’s development during the colonial times and growth of the American Ideal, which led to the break with England, the rising controversy about slavery, and the Civil War. The study of the rebuilding of our state after the war and the continuing struggle for civil rights and justice by the people of South Carolina will allow students to see the progress of our state and her people’s contributions to the history of the United States.


    Course Requirements:

    1.      Students are expected to attend and participate in class every day.

    2.      Notebook, paper, pencil/pen should be brought to class every day.

    3.      Students are expected to turn in all assignments on time. No late work will be accepted unless the student was absent.

    4.      Students are expected to be respectful, well behaved, and prepared to learn.


    Topics of Discussion:

    1.      Settlement of South Carolina and the United States

    2.      South Carolina’s part in the development of the new American nation after the American Revolution

    3.      American Civil War

    4.      Impact of Reconstruction on SC

    5.      Late 19th century in South Carolina and the nation

    6.      SC’s development in the early 20th century


    Assessment Policy:

    South Carolina History is a subject that is intrinsically linked to an appreciation of our state’s cultural diversity and an understanding of how culture influenced the formation of our government, attitude, behaviors, and interaction with the environment throughout history. It will be both rewarding and exciting. As such, students’ attendance and participation in discussion is critical. Students’ grades will reflect their willingness and desire to learn. Grades are EARNED, not given.

    Grading Policy:

    Major              50% This includes tests, quizzes, and projects

    Minor              50% This includes homework, Social Studies binder, in class assignments


    After School Help:

    If your child is having a difficult time in my class and requires extra help because all other efforts have been unsuccessful, then please call me so we can schedule an additional help session. My help sessions will be held on Mondays from 3:00-3:30. I am available most days after school, but a prior appointment is required in advance.