Welcome to the Stover Media Center!

  • Hours: 7:30am - 3:15pm

    You may visit the library in the mornings before class begins or after school if you are a bus rider. You may also come anytime during the day with a pass from your teacher.


    You may check out up to 2 books and keep them for 2 weeks. You can renew the book(s) if you need more time. (You must bring the book with you to the library to renew it.) If you have an overdue book, you can't check out another one until you return the one that is overdue. 

    Lost or Damaged Books 

    YOU are responsible for anything checked out in your name. You will need to pay in full for any book that is lost and pay the damage fee if a book is damaged. Examples of damaged books include cracked book spines, missing pages, damages caused by water or other liquids, bent or scratched covers, marks in the books, etc.