Pupil Services

  • The Pupil Services Department manages student residency issues as they relate to enrollment, zoning and release of students to other districts. The Director schedules and conducts admission, readmission and evidentiary student hearings. The department monitors and processes all athletic and extra-curricular supplements and works with special projects such as High Schools That Work, Title IX reviews, and other projects as assigned.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do I need to register my child when I move to Kershaw County School District?
    Registration requirements are located on the district web site at www.kershaw.k12.sc.us under the parent link. Information is included for new and transferring.
    Does Kershaw County School District practice School Choice?
    No, all schools have an attendance zone. All addresses are listed on the KCSD web site by school and attendance area. Unless approved for out of zone attendance, all students will attend the school zoned for their legal residence?
    How do I locate the school for my residence?
    You can find residence information on our website under "School Zoning Designations".
    May I transfer my child to a school out of zone?
    With the loss of teaching positions, transferring students out of zone is increasingly difficult. All requests received in writing are reviewed and in cases of medical or special educational services, consideration is given if possible.
    Will KCSD accept out of district students?
    At this time with the loss of teaching positions and increased class sizes, KCSD is unable to accept out of county tuition students. Employees that reside out of KCSD may bring their children to KCSD upon securing a release for their county of residence.
    Who may register a student in KCSD?
    Only the parent or legal guardian, as designated through family court, that is a legal resident of Kershaw County may register a student in KCSD.
    Does KCSD accept students that are expelled from other school districts?
    No. Students must be readmitted and in good standing before they may return to public school.
    How may I apply to coach in KCSD?
    Interested applicants should contact the Activity Director at the middle or high school where he or she is interested in working. They may pick up a hard copy of the application or request an electronic copy.