Insurance Coverage and Benefits

  • KCSD offers all employees in a full-time, permanent position, insurance coverage through the state insurance benefits program, which is administered by the State Budget and Control Board, Public Employee Benefits Authority. Options include health insurance, dental insurance, life insurance, long-term disability, and the Money Plus program. 

    Part-time, certified classroom teachers are eligible for the state health, dental, and Money Plus programs. Other insurance options, not administered by the State, include life insurance, short-term disability, cancer, and critical illness.

    Employees receive an Insurance Benefits Guide annually. Copies of this guide, along with other informational material, are available at the District Office.

Health and Dental

  • Group health insurance options include the State Health Plans and the State Dental and Dental Plus plans (administered by Blue Cross & Blue Shield of South Carolina). Please refer to the Insurance Benefits Guide for more information and current premiums.

    Insurance Benefits paid by the district for each eligible employee are listed below. The schedule reflects amounts paid per month for the calendar year 2020.

Health and Dental Benefits
  • Continuation of group health and/or dental coverage is available to all covered employees and/or their dependents if eligibility for coverage is lost due to a qualifying event. This continuation of coverage is provided through COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act). Details are outlined in the Insurance Benefits Guide.

Life Insurance

  • Employees who are members of the South Carolina Retirement System or the State Optional Retirement Program are provided an in-service death benefit equal in value to their annual salary the year of their death, provided the employee was employed for one year prior to death.

    Employees who elect health insurance receive an employer-funded basic life insurance policy in the amount of $3,000.

Long Term Disability

  • Employees enrolled in health insurance receive an employer-funded basic long-term disability policy. For additional coverage, eligible employees may purchase supplemental long-term disability policy. Standard Insurance Company administers these plans. Please refer to the Insurance Benefits Guide for more information.

Money Plus Program

  • Money Plus is an Internal Revenue Service-Approved benefits program administered by WageWorks. This program offers tax savings through the premium pre-tax feature, medical spending account, health savings account and the dependent care spending account. Please refer to the Insurance Benefits Guide for more information.