Staff Working while in Quarantine

  • Per DHEC Guidelines (see DHEC Interim School Guidance - Response to COVID-19 Cases from September 9, 2020, on the DHEC Schools COVID-19 Website):

    Staff working while in quarantine:

    • To limit the chances of COVID-19 spread in the facility, staff should plan to quarantine at home and not return to work after close contact to someone contagious with COVID-19. However, school staff could be considered critical infrastructure workers and thus may be permitted to work if they follow the precautions outlined in the links below. It is recommended that schools notify parents and guardians that this approach is being used to allow staff to return to work.

      • These employees must wear a mask at all times while in the school, monitor for symptoms daily and throughout the day, practice social distancing to the extent possible, practice good hand hygiene, and clean frequently touched surfaces often. Review links below for specific guidelines. These employees should avoid working with children and staff with medical conditions that may put them at risk for severe illness. Those unable to follow the outlined precautions should not plan to return to work until completing their quarantine period.

      • These employees should continue to quarantine at home when they are not at work and avoid public settings.

      • If these employees have any of the symptoms listed above, they must not go to work or must separate themselves from others and leave immediately. They should not plan to return until they meet “Return to School” criteria above.

      • Links to guidance for critical infrastructure workers: