Technology Policies & Procedures

  • When students register for school, one of the documents families sign is the AUP, or Acceptable Use Policy. This applies to all District systems and technology issued to you whether using it on a KCSD Girl with laptop 

    campus or at home. This policy is critical in maintaining the safety of students, the security of the KCSD Network, and the protection of data. The District’s goal is to provide employees and students with access to technology in a safe environment that encourages and supports teaching and learning. As a user of these technologies, you are expected to read, understand, and acknowledge this policy before using any district-owned technology resources. The District considers any violation of the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) to be a serious offense. 

Internet Safety Infographic
Internet Safety: Think before you post, Detect & avoid scams, Practice password protection, Manage your digital footprint wisely - it can change your future, keep information private (yours & others), identify & report cyberbullying, and behave - the internet is forever.