Weekly Meal Sign-Up (for the Virtual Academy & Children at Home)

  • Sign up weekly for a meal pick-up for your KCSD virtual student(s) and other children 18 and younger. All meals are free through June 30, 2022.

    Students that attend school in person ARE NOT ELIGIBLE for meal pick up since they are provided meals in school. Students cannot get meals in school and through pick up (duplicate meals will be charged the full paid price).

    To view the menu, go to https://schools.mealviewer.com/district/KershawSC.

    Meals can be picked up at the bus loop every Thursday from this site. Curbside pick-ups are between 2:30-4:30 PM. Questions? Please email misha.lawyer@kcsdschools.net.

    Please do not call the schools or the school cafeteria to sign up for meals. Meals must be signed up through this site and must be secured by Mondays at 7 PM.