Latest Construction Updates for North Central High

North Central High School (Tornado Recovery)

  • Phase 1- Phase one will focus primarily on outdoor athletic facilities

    Field Lighting, replace practice field goal posts, replace home side bleachers, construct concession/restroom facility, construct ticket booth/electrical room , maintenance on visitor side bleachers, repairs to field house, stadium fencing, football scoreboard, baseball and softball field fencing, baseball and softball field dugouts, tennis court fencing,, baseball field concession stand, baseball field lights, baseball field scoreboard .

    Phase 2- Phase two includes the auditorium and gym

    Reenergizing the auditorium, providing callout capabilities to the fire alarm, reestablishing emergency power, replacing ceiling tile and some storefront. Presently the scope for the gym includes reenergizing the building, roof replacement, rooftop HVAC unit replacements, gym floor replacement , storefront replacement, providing callout capabilities to the fire alarm and reestablishing emergency power .

    Phase 3- Phase three includes the 1979 portion of the building, plus the 1995 addition

    The building assessment that includes these portions of the building is yet to be completed however one could assume that every system , with the possible exception of foundations , walls and possibly the kitchen/cafeteria in the 1979 portion will have to be replaced. The classroom addition (1995) building appears to be in good shape and the annex could be repaired . We will know more when the assessment is complete.

Architect's Renderings

  • Architect Rendering 1

    Architect Rendering 2

    Architect Rendering 3