Payment of Salaries

  • All employees are paid semi-monthly, on the fifteenth and thirtieth. As a general rule, if the pay day falls on a holiday, or a weekend, the district will pay employees on workday closest to the pay date.

    All employees will receive their annual contract salaries each month beginning as follows:

    • 242 day employees: July 1- June 30 (24 paychecks)
      220-225 day employees: August 15- July 31 (24 paychecks)
      190 day employees: August 31- August 15 (24 paychecks)

    If your contract changes to less than 242 days, you will receive your last check for the fiscal year on 6/30. If you are a 200-225 day employee and your contract changes to 190 days or less, you will receive your last check for the fiscal year on 7/30 and will not receive another check until the new fiscal year.

    The amount may vary in cases where employees miss work for unauthorized absences, docking or calculations due to status change during a particular pay period. Routine administrative processes will determine deductions.

    Direct Deposit is mandatory for most Kershaw County School District employees. Enrollment in Direct Deposit requires the employee to sign an authorization form specifying the bank to where the deposit will be sent. Required forms are available from Human Resources and the District Payroll Department.

Withholding Tax (Federal and State)

  • Employees who have not previously filed with the Payroll Office Withholding Tax Exemption Certificate form W-4 must do so before being placed on the payroll. Employees who have filed, but have since experienced a change in exemption status, should file new exemption certificates.

    Responsibility for the accuracy of exemption certificates lies with the employee.

South Carolina Retirement System

  • As a condition of employment, all full-time and part-time employees of KCSD must become a member of the South Carolina Retirement System or the State Optional Retirement Program.

    Note: The Human Resources Office tracks work experience. The State Retirement System tracks retirement service credit. Requests to the State Retirement System must be in writing.

  • Payroll deduction is available for employees desiring to participate in a tax-sheltered annuity program or the South Carolina deferred Compensation Plan. For additional information, contact the KCSD Benefits Department.