Workers’ Compensation

  • Coverage

    • The district provides Workers’ Compensation insurance to cover all employees.

    Reporting Requirements for Each Employee

    • Report to a supervisor as soon as possible all injuries or illnesses that occur at work or that are work related. Reports should be filed no later than the end of the day.

    Reporting Requirements for Principals and Supervisors

    • Submit a Workers’ Comp Injury Report
    • Supervisor Incident Investigation
    • Using Specified Providers

    Workers’ Compensation Insurance will provide medical treatment for employees injured at work because of work. However, district employees must use those providers, physicians, clinics, and others specified by the district. Workers’ Compensation will not pay for services rendered by providers not specified by the district, except in emergency situations. Under these circumstances principals and supervisors are empowered to grant approval for the use of alternate providers. When an employee loses time from work, the district may require that its designated physician examine an employee even though the employee has chosen to seek treatment at his/her own expense.


    When employees are absent from work as a result of personal injury arising out of or in the course of their employment, they will be compensated in the following manner:

    If employees have sick or annual leave days available, they will be kept on the payroll and charged one day for every day missed until all leave is exhausted. At such time, the employee will be placed in a Leave Without Pay status, and the district will assume the full cost of the employee’s health insurance coverage.

    The Workers’ Compensation law provides for payment of two-thirds of an employee’s average weekly rate of pay, up to a maximum which changes annually, after an employee has been absent from work for 7 days. All Workers’ Compensation benefits available under this provision will accrue directly to the employee. 

    Return from leave

    The district will assign an employee who returns to work the same or similar duties that he/she performed prior to going on leave, if such assignment is in the best interest of the district. If the administration does not consider it to be in the best interest of the district to assign the employee to the position he/she had prior to going on leave or to a similar position, the district will offer the employee a position for which he/she is qualified. The district will place the employee on the payroll at his/her pre-leave status.