Certificate Renewal Plan

  • The following items must be included in the educator’s renewal packet:

    1. All completed Renewal Credit Approval and verification forms for the professional development activities to be used for credit to renew the certificate.
    2. Verification/Documentation of successful completion of the professional activities to be used for recertification.  (Documentation must support each option). The South Carolina Department of Education’s Renewal Matrix states the necessary documentation to receive credit. The educator is responsible for consulting the Kershaw County website for these documents. They are located under the Department’s Teacher Certification link.
    3. A completed and signed Renewal Credit Computation sheet, and;
    4. Option sheets for each option used for renewal.


    Classification Changes

    For certificate upgrades (Bachelor’s +18, Masters, etc.) mail or submit via fax the “Request for Change/Action” form to the Department of Education at 803-896-0368. Class changes received before November 1 will be retroactive to July 1.

    Those received after November 1 will be dated the date of graduation if received within a 45 day period. It is important that the educator submit the change/action form to the Department of Education within those 45 days.

    The office of Human Resources bases the effective date of upgrade change on the validity date shown on the new certificate.  A change in salary cannot be made until a copy of the new certificate is submitted to the Office of Human Resources. The latest teaching certificate must be forwarded to the Office of Human Resources for inclusion in the employee’s personnel record.


    Name/Address Changes

    Submit a “Request for Change/Action” form for a name or address change on your certificate to the Office of Human Resource with appropriate documentation such as:  the marriage license and new social security card. We will make the change at the Certificate Portal System site with the proper documentation.

    • South Carolina Department of Education, Division of Teacher Quality:  www.ed.sc.gov 

    Experience Credit

    The South Carolina Department of Education grants one year’s experience credit for 152 days (or more) of service per school year (190 days).