Certificate Renewals

  • It is the educator’s responsibility to make sure that all 120 renewal credits are on file to avoid the delay of certificate renewal. Educators should check the expiration date on their certificates. Certificate renewals will begin in January of the educator’s expiration year. Educators should not turn in packets before the total of 120 points are accumulated. The educator should maintain a file of renewal credits until all points are accumulated and documented.

    For the new Certificate Renewal Plan, when using Option 1 for renewal, an original transcript should also be included as documentation for Option 1.

    If the educator does not hold a Master’s Degree, she/he must take at least 3 hours of graduate credit for 60 of the required 120 renewal credits for renewal.

    When the district certification officer reviews the packet and determines the validity of the total 120 points, she/he will then renew the educator’s certificate through the South Carolina Department of Education’s Certification Portal System.  The district will print a copy for the educator's personnel file and teachers can print a copy by visiting www.ed.sc.gov. All certification questions should be directed to Dr. Lisa Shannon at lisa.shannon@kcsdschools.net or 803-432-8416 ext. 1204.

    Submitting Renewal Credits

    An educator who is employed in a position that requires educator certification must maintain verification of having earned a minimum of 120 renewal credits through professional development activities that directly relate to the educator’s professional growth and development plan, support the goals of the employing educational entity, and promote student achievement. All credits must be pre-approved by the building administrator.