Internal Transfers

  • Internal transfers are made official when they have been signed by both supervisors, submitted to and noted by Human Resources, then manually changed by Finance in CSI. Please allow 2-3 weeks for this process to take place.

Statement on Hiring of Retirees

  • Retired employees who wish to be considered to fill a vacancy should complete a letter of interest to the Human Resources office each year. The names of such employees, along with the names of other qualified, non-retired applicants, will be referred to the site supervisor where the vacancy exists. The site supervisor will make the decision about which applicant to recommend for employment to the superintendent/designee, in accordance with the Board Policy GBA, GCA, GBD, and GCD. In an effort to hire employees who will remain with the District, and provide continuity of instruction, the site supervisor should also consider qualified, non-retired applicants for employment. All retirees recommended for employment will receive a letter of agreement and will be employed under retiree status. Any retiree who rejects an offer of employment will not be considered for another position during that school year.

    A qualified applicant is defined as an individual who is properly and appropriately certified for the position. If an applicant is not recommended for employment by the site supervisor, then any vacancy that exists may be filled with retirees only if approved by the Superintendent or his designee.