Procedures for Hiring All Positions

  • Our goal is to hire the most qualified, talented candidates for all positions. Site supervisors will follow the same procedures for hiring all candidates for employment regardless of retirement status.

    In an effort to clarify procedures for hiring staff in the District, the following steps will be taken (1-10):

    1. Applications will be available for review on AppliTrack. Only applications that contain all the required information will receive serious consideration. HR will send a list of vetted candidates for each vacancy. 
    2. Principals will review applications, specifically checking certification and highly qualified status PRIOR to considering any applicant for hire.
    3. Principals will contact the Coordinator for Educator Services to conduct a final review of the current evaluation status and to determine any areas that might generate concern.
    4. Principals will assemble a team to interview internal candidates and vetted candidates for interviews accordingly.
    5. Principals will contact 3 references for the top 3 candidates, in the event that the first choice declines or is not accepted.
    6. Once accepted by HR or the superintendent, the candidate’s name and date will be placed on the Employment Recommendation Form. The ERF will be updated accordingly to appear on the list shared with the Board of Trustees for approval.
    7. The HR Office will notify the principal or site supervisor of the acceptance or rejection of the offer of employment via email or voice mail.
    8. The principal will notify the candidate.
    9. A Contract, Letter of Intent or Letter of Agreement, with other vital information, will be generated and mailed to the candidate.
    10. The candidate will return the signed Contract, Letter of Intent or Letter of Agreement to the HR Office for processing. The candidate’s email will be assigned after all information is received.