•  5th Grade Carowinds Field Experience 

    ~Forms given to students Jan. 24th and 25th

    ~If applying for a scholarship, form must be turned in no later than Feb. 15th.

    ~Student and Chaperone cost is $70 ($70 pays for transportation, park admission, all you can eat lunch buffet.)

    ~Season pass holder cost is $35.

    ~Permission forms and 1st payment of $35 due 2/15/19

    ~2nd payment due 3/15/19

    ~Late payments will not be accepted due to planning purposes (ordering ticketes and securing a bus with adequate seating.)


    Permission forms can be found on Class Dojo and Google Classroom. Students may request another permission form at any time before 2/15/19.

    Students should arrive at the KCSD District Office back parking lot by 7:10 am to leave by 7:30 am.

    We will return to the DO parking lot at 5:30.



    Link to Reminder Note sent home April 23rd. 

    If link is unavailable...

    This note can also be found on Class Dojo and your child's google classroom. 



    Friday, April 26th, 2019

    *Arrive at district office back parking lot

    no later than 7:10 am.

    We will depart at 7:30 am.


    Kershaw County District Office

    2029 West DeKalb Street

    Camden, SC 29020


    *Wear your BLANEY shirts and be ready to represent our school by being AWESOME

    *Check the weather report the night before

    *Tennis shoes or sneakers work best. No flip flops or sandals please.  

    *No eating (gum, candy, drinks) on the bus.

    *You may bring a reusable water bottle- there are fountains throughout park.

    *Handheld video games (labeled w/name) allowed. Cell phones may only be used for games or as a camera. The district device policy will still be enforced on school sponsored trips. Students are responsible for items they bring.

    *Sling bags or (nylon bags with strings) to carry belongings work best.

    *Students may bring extra money for snacks, drinks, or games. (optional)

    *Apply sunscreen at home and you may wear a hat…

    (but I would not wear my favorite because the FURY 325 has a top speed of 95mph!)


    *We will return to District Office parking lot by 5:30 PM.

    *(Bus may arrive between 5:30 & 6:00 pm depending on traffic leaving Charlotte)

    *I will send updates through DOJO.

    ***Lunch will be provided at the park for students and chaperones who paid through the school.

    Most Importantly-

    Remember to study all of your vocabulary including gravity, momentum, speed, velocity, and each of Newton’s Laws. I’m teasing! GET A GOOD NIGHT’S SLEEP!