• Below is a checklist of what students need to complete on September 5 for our eLearning Day!  Remember, I will keep office hours from 9:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. on Thursday, September 5 for students to ask questions if needed.

    All assignments are in your Google Classroom for ELA and Math.  You will see an eLearning assignment and there is a Google Slides with instructions that has been shared with you.  Please remember to submit the Google Slides when you finish.  

    eLearning Checklist for Thursday, September 5,  2019 for ELA and Math:


    1. View the Google Slides to see your instructions for today.
    2. Read Independently and respond to the questions on the Google Slides
    3. Go to Reading Eggspress and work for about 15 minutes on your assigned lessons.


    1. Complete 5 minutes of Vector Kids and record your scores on the Google Slides.
    2. Watch the Place Value Video and write 2 things you learned.
    3. Complete the place value practice on the website.

     Related Arts:  Our Related Arts on Thursday, September 5 is the C.A.T.S.  If I hear from Mrs. Riester I will let you know.