• Theatre II focuses on techniques and theories of acting. Characterization and performance skills are developed through various activities including monologues and scene work. The students will produce and perform in a variety of performances. Weekend and evening performances are mandatory.

    Theatre III focuses on script development, formatting for the stage and screen, and character creation through dialogue and action. The students will be responsible for the creation of independent and group projects. This course will conclude with a production of a group writing project.

    Theatre IV provides students with hands on practical backstage experience surrounding the complex workings of theatre productions. Basic learning of the essentials of theatre: sound, lighting, stage management, and scenery construction including the operation of the fly system. Students must be willing to work after school and some weekends depending on the production schedule. Every student will be required to work activities on stage during the semester. Much of this will be evening work.

    FOR THIS CLASS: Every student is required to attend all rehearsals and act in the evening production.