Speech and Language Skills Information


    Students are encouraged to "Be A Star" by using their speech and language skills that they are learning.  It is important for students to understand why they come to speech and language sessions.  Overall, our goals include:

    *Students learn to speak with age-appropriate sound productions and be intelligible by talking loud enough and with great enunciation.   

    *Students learn to use grammar and increasing vocabulary to formulate sentences that are meaningful.

    *Students learn to converse with others about a range of topics using their general knowledge and newly learn information from a variety of sources. 

    *Students learn to listen and comprehend information and given directions.

    *Students learn to think critically and reason ideas using known and new information. 

    More about Speech and Language Skills

    Speech and language skills can incorporate the areas of articulation (producing or saying words correctly), language (vocabulary, grammar, comprehension, etc), fluency (stuttering, cluttering), and pragmatics (social skills).

    Speech-language therapy sessions are conducted as individual or small group sessions based upon the needs of the students.