• We will continue to have 1 lunch period from 11:15-12:05. During the first 20 minutes, teachers will be allowed to eat unencumbered if they wish. For the remaining 30 minutes of lunch, students will have the opportunity for Individual Learning Time (ILT).  During ILT students can receive academic assistance, complete class assignments, utilize the library, see their counselor, or (as long as their grades remain above a C) visit with their friends. Individual Learning Time will be at their discretion. 

    If their grade(s) drop below a C, the teacher will assign the student some Structured Learning Time (SLT). For example, if John Doe is making a D in his Algebra II class, his Algebra II teacher may assign him to come to his/her class for tutoring until the grade improves to an acceptable level. Failure to report to SLT will result in a disciplinary infraction. Students with afterschool obligations (jobs, athletics, etc.) and bus riders will have more opportunity to receive extra help. If students need to retake tests or research topics, this also gives them the opportunity to do that as well during school time. Students are strongly encouraged to use this extended time to complete homework and assignments.

    SLT (Structured Learning Time)  will be offered on a schedule:                                                                          

    Monday is reserved for 1st Block SLT, Tuesday for 2nd Block SLT, Wednesday for 3rd Block SLT, Thursday for 4th Block SLT.  

    There are multiple locations throughout the campus where students can get their lunch. In addition to the cafeteria lines, meals are served at the concession stand (in the commons area) and at a location at the junction of the 100 and 200 halls (near Mrs. Lee's office). There will be different items served in the locations.  Any student can get a meal from any location. Students also do not have to eat in the first 20 minutes but can eat at any time during that 50 minute time frame. We will shut down the lines at approximately 11:55 to give the cafeteria staff time to clear the halls. The  bus will leave for the Woolard Technology Center at 11:50 from the bus circle in the rear of the school.   Clearly, we want to be good stewards of our school, so large trash cans will be available for students to use. We want to “Leave No Trace.”

    This schedule change offers students an extra measure of freedom. However, with this freedom, comes the responsibility to follow the expectations set forth. Among those would be: cleaning up after themselves, utilizing this time wisely, attending SLT as assigned, and NOT disrupting ILT/SLT. The consequences for students who disrupt ILT/SLT will be swift and severe.

    Due to the fluid nature of this time, we will not allow student sign-outs during lunch.  If you have a previously scheduled appointment, please have your student report to the Guidance office at 11:15. If your student is not assigned to SLT, you may contact them by cell phone since cell phones are allowed during lunch per board policy. Faculty and staff will not be able to locate specific students during this time.

    The benefits to our students will be wide ranging and meaningful.  As the year progresses, we will add other opportunities for our students such as intramurals and exercise opportunities, guest speakers, etc.