• Mission Statement

    The mission of Bethune Elementary's library media center is to assist in providing a quality education for every child and to encourage a lifelong love of reading. Our library provides an environment in which students and staff learn to access, evaluate, and apply information. The library supports the curriculum of South Carolina and assists our patrons in becoming effective users of information.


    • To provide materials and services which meet the informational and recreational needs of the learning community
    • To provide opportunities for collaboration between the library media specialist and classroom teachers to promote information literacy
    • To guide students in accessing information through learning activities which have been integrated with the general curriculum
    • To guide students in retrieving, evaluating, and communicating information, of all formats, in a variety of content areas
    • To incorporate a variety of equipment for accessing information of multiple formats from within and outside the library and school
    • To guide students in exploring areas of personal interests through reading and accessing information, thereby becoming lifelong learners and responsible citizens 

    Library Schedule

    The library schedule is part of related arts, which is every Monday and Wednesday.  Teachers can schedule time for their students to come to the library for research projects or virtual field trips. When the library does not have classes due to related arts, or the librarian is not aiding instruction in a classroom, it is open for check-out for students and teachers.

    How can I help during E-Learning Days?

    I am available on E-Learning days from 9:00a.m. - 12:00p.m. by email.  My email is Jennifer.gibson@kcsdschools.net

    You are welcome to contact me if you have any problems.  Some common problems might be:

    Connecting to Wi-Fi:  If you are having issues connecting at your home, go to the Bethune Elementary parking lot and try connecting there.  Also you can go to the Bethune public library, where they will have free access to Clever.com on their computers if necessary.  There have not been any student issues regarding Wi-Fi connections over the past few months, so this should not happen now.

    Issues with headphones:  Try not to use headphones at home if possible.  Many students have been damaging the headphone jack by pulling the connector out roughly or playing the headphones too loudly and damaging the internal Chromebook speakers or headphone speakers.

    Chromebook not charging:  Please check the connections on the charger to make sure they are fitting together properly and free of dust/dirt.  The device is charging if the red light is present near the charging port of the device.  It will stay red unless the device is 100% charged, in which it will turn to a white light.  Please refrain from going on unauthorized websites/game sites during the next few weeks.  This might cause the device to “lock-up” and not charge.  This can be fixed, but it is easier to prevent.  Use only teacher recommended or websites on Clever.  Please email me for help. 

    Cracked Screens:  There are very few replacements at this time.  Be careful where you are placing your Chromebooks.  Safe places are on tables, desks, or dressers.  Unsafe places are floors, beds, bunkbeds, near liquids, candles, kitchen counters, or leaning against walls.  Please email me if you have any device breakages during our E-learning days. 

    Advice from Mrs. Gibson:  Make sure to be working during the designated E-learning hours, school is still in session eventhough we are not in the same building.  Turn your work in on-time, this could be quick daily lessons, or weekly lessons.  Help your teacher by completing assignments, so that she can get grades for you posted.  When you have extra time go on SCDiscus or the reading apps on Clever.