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  • Updates and Reminders: Morning Arrival Procedures

    Beginning Monday, December 17th, lane 2 will close at 7:45.  If you are pulling into the campus at 7:40, I recommend you move into lane 1 as we will be consistent in closing lane 2 right at 7:45 to begin our day.  At this time, all faculty and staff will begin their day with their students so you will be responsible for your child.  Please remember, your child should be in their seats at 7:45, not getting out of the car.  Please know that we only tried a change because of the very high volume of tardies daily.
    Also, please take advantage of lane 2 anytime before 7:45.  It makes the line run smoother when we equally use both lanes.  
    Thank you for your patience and understanding.  We are sorry for any inconvenience this has caused you.  We just want our Wildcats to be safe and in their classrooms at 7:45.
    Thanks so much for working with us to ensure your child has a great start to each and every school day!
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  • Arrival & Departure Procedure

    Car Blaney Elementary is the largest elementary school in Kershaw County, and we are responsible for the safe dismissal of nearly 800 bus riders, walkers, and car riders. Your child's safety is our top priority. In order to safely and quickly dismiss your car riding child, please review our Arrival & Departure Procedure.


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  • Be Great Academy

    Blaney's after school care program is the Be Great Academy, which is run by the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Midlands. Please visit their website to register or for more information. http://

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Menus (now using MealViewer)

  • KCSD Menus (now using MealViewer)

    Our school cafeteria is now using MealViewer for our breakfast & lunch menus.  You can view our menus in MealViewer now or view this video to find out more!

Administrator Messages

  • Mr. Yount

    A Message from the Principal

    Dear Blaney Families,

    It is an honor and privilege for me to serve as your  principal. Blaney is truly the heart of Elgin and we have the best kids in all of Kershaw County.  We also have the very best parents around!  This community is so kind and positive. Your love for Blaney is very evident.  Student safety is my number one priority with instruction following very close behind!  Thank you for trusting me with your precious children each and every day.

    If you ever need me, please stop by the school or give me a call.  Relationships are critical in all that we do in education. At Blaney, our goal is to love, empower and grow each child as they develop socially and academically.


    Mrs. Creel

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  • Krissi Butler

    A Message from the Assistant Principal

    Students that show respect towards adults can be molded into productive and respectful adults.  Teaching children how to say “please”, “thank you”, “sir”, or “ma’am” goes a long way. It is important for children to display such manners in the school setting.  Each student and teacher that enters our doors at Blaney Elementary has a job to do. Teachers plan lessons so each student can learn in their classroom. That is the teacher’s job.  Each student has the job of completing homework, classwork, and listening to their teacher. If the jobs of the teacher and the students are not complete, it makes it difficult for every student in the classroom to learn.   Talking back and arguing with the teacher is disheartening as they are each working towards your child’s success. Please have your child work on having a kind and respectful attitude towards adults and students. It makes the world a better place! <3


    -- Mrs. Butler

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