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A Note from the Librarian

Posted by Vickie Norton at 2/10/2017

We so appreciate that you are dedicated to helping your child learn to read. Your support and assistance is crucial as they develop this skill that they will use every day, in every subject for the rest of their lives. As budding readers, it is important for us to follow their lead in book selection, allowing them to explore a variety of books. More than anything else, we want to create a love of books and literature and avoid making reading seem like a chore.


You should not be at all bothered if your child cannot read some (or even all) of the books that he or she brings home from the school library. These are books for you to read to your child and for them to explore on their own, figuring out of they can read them, learn from the pictures, or if they simply need to pick a different book. This is an essential first step to helping your child become a reader and develop a love for the activity. “Book/reading levels” are teaching tools to be used solely in the classroom. Forget them when it comes to picking books for reading enjoyment. Think about it… when was the last time you selected a book based on its “level?” We want our children to have real world experiences with books, exploring countless possibilities, as they develop their interests and personalities.


Our library is stocked with high-quality fiction and non-fiction books. Through our books, you and your child can visit distant lands, learn new vocabulary, and experience new ideas, all while enjoying time spent together. That is the beauty of a great book! With younger children, read the book with them, asking questions about the illustrations and the story, checking for comprehension, building vocabulary and “collecting experiences.” For older, more independent readers, ask them to tell you about the story. Of course, our children never grow too old for a great read aloud, so don’t shy away from a family read aloud, even for older readers. You’ll be amazed by how much they love it (and you will too)!


Parents are encouraged to also borrow books from our library and volunteer as guest readers and library helpers. Please do not hesitate to contact me at any time if I can ever be of assistance in your child’s reading endeavors. I am happy to make book suggestions and help out in any way that I can. It is my deepest desire to help your child become a life-long reader. After all, reading a crucial building block to success in school and in life.


Betsy Long

DME Librarian